Austin Named #6 City Millennials are Moving to By Brookings Institution

Austin is popular with Millennials.

The Brookings Institution ranked Austin sixth on the list of the top 10 cities Millennials are moving to in the US. This according to an article by Business Insider.

Our metro population is 2,000,860 and about 544,234 of those are millennials. Austin’s population of this demographic increased 11.8% from 2010 to 2015.

Two other Texas cities made the list. Houston tied Cape Coral, Florida for the 7th spot. Houston’s metro population is 6,656,947. They have approximately 1,650,923 millennials living there. Houston’s population of this youthful group increased 11.7% between 2010 and 2015.

San Antonio was number 2 on the list. Their overall metro population was 2,384,075. Of that, 598,403 millennial residents. San Antonio’s population of people born between 1981 and 1996 increased 14.4% between 2010 and 2015.


Why Millennials Love Austin

millennials outdoors

Many of the young professionals moving to Austin are drawn by our strong job growth. They are also enticed by our abundance of events and nightlife. Yet another factor in their decision is our relatively low cost of housing. Austin is also known as a city that loves the outdoors and fitness. Millennials value the large number of Austin parks and opportunities to interact with nature available here. Austin is also known as being an environmentally responsible city, which draws the younger set.


Austin Neighborhoods that are Millennial Magnets

Neighborhood.com reports on the Austin Neighborhoods are drawing this coveted demographic in droves. East Austin, Hyde Park, and South Congress are the top three highly sought-after areas.


East Austin

millennials east austin

This rapidly gentrifying area is popular because of the slew of restaurants and coffee shops that residents can enjoy. It’s also close to downtown but prices are in general a bit better than West of IH-35.


Hyde Park

This neighborhood just north of the University of Texas is filled with bike lanes and transit options. A great choice for Millennials who’d prefer to eschew the car in favor of old-fashioned foot power.


South Congress

millennials soco

Eclectic shops, trendy boutiques and restaurants, proximity to downtown; South Congress has it all! It’s no wonder “SoCo” is packing in the younger set.



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