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a decade of experience + an easy-going vibe + some serious know-how

a decade of experience
an easy-going vibe
some serious know-how

Finding the perfect apartment in a rental market like Austin takes artistry.  Dream apartments disappear in minutes.  Apartment specials never make it on to listing sites.  Qualifying information isn’t published and rents change hourly.  You’ve got no worries though; because the Apartments Now team has it all at their fingertips.

Austinites at Heart

Hour To Find The Perfect Apartment!

+ Years Helping Austinites Rent

Locators Available To Help You!

+ Renters Helped Every Year!

Ingrid Evens


My top priority for the Apartments Now team is customer service!  Our goal is for clients to feel like they’ve had the easiest apartment search ever and to love their apartment.  I want all our clients to feel free to reach out to me because we are a team.  You don’t just get an agent, you get a team of agents, and we are all here to help!



putS your priorities first

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Lawan Musa
If you need an apartment or help finding one PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!! And Ask for CRISTINA ARELLANO! She is amazing! I started this process about a week ago. She responded quickly and efficiently to every text message and call I place. She found the perfect apartment with everything that I wanted. She listened to everything I had to say and didn’t waste my time. I am completely satisfied! Thank you!read more
Aloysius Sykes
Sonya was extremely helpful during our relocating process! I have no doubt we would still be living out of suitcases without her help! She is professional, personable and quick to respondread more
Holly Boone Lynch
Sonya was an excellent locator for me! Learned about all my likes and dislikes, found numerous apartments that could work, and asked questions I forgot while we visited the apartments together. Overall a wonderful experience that led me to a phenomenal apartment I wouldn’t have located on my own!read more
Nick Dauphin
My fiancé and I worked with Mike to find apartments that met all of our needs (no breed restrictions, certain square footage within our budget, in a great location, etc..) Mike was great to work with. He found the perfect apartment for us within a couple of days and we’ve lived here a week now. We are enjoying it so far and plan to live here until we buy or build a house. A huge thank you to Mike for making it possible and for doing it quickly! You cannot go wrong when you work with him.read more
Callie Rice
We had a great experience working with Karysa. She found the perfect apartment in our price range. She made it very easy and was in constant contact with us through the whole experience. 10 out of 10 service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an apartment.read more
Anahi Aguilar
In October, I looked for places to live all over Travis County as I was starting a new job and needed to find somewhere to settle and quick! Given my circumstances, I had hopes that continued to dwindle as the days went on. I was beginning to wonder if I'd find something I'd like, and that suited my dog and me. As fortune would have it, I was contacted by Ms. Cristina Arellano one Wednesday morning. She asked some questions and was very patient as I explained my situation. I'm still not sure how, but Ms. Cristina was able to locate a spot that I could afford, overlooked my background issues, worked with my rental history and credit score, accepted pets, and I could move in that same weekend! I was put in touch with a great apartment manager, I applied and was accepted!! I am so so happy with my apartment and my neighborhood is great, quiet, and a pizza place right across the street!! I am really pleased with my experience with Cristina, she faced some serious odds and came out on top, I'm very proud of her work and relentless efforts in helping me find a much needed home, all the while dealing with my stressed out self! I could not have asked for a better experience, I am grateful for the assistance and know I wouldn't be here without her!! Thanks again!!read more
Ang Put
I was very impressed how well Apartments Now was able to offer me a variety of selections, pricing options, and valuable information which allowed me to make the best decision for choosing my home. Special Thanks to Ashley Del Barto, who was very helpful assisting me!read more
Jonathan Jake Steinberg
I worked with Ashley, she was the sweetest and most helpful person to help me find an apartment in the Austin area. Definitely recommend her!
Sabrina Hammond
I can not say enough how thankful i am for Michelle Morgan!!! She helped me and my roommates find an amazing townhouse and never gave up on us!! i will use her anytime i move!! We've been in our place a month now and couldn't be happier with it!!read more
Dione Mayes
Worked with Ashley, she was professional and very helpful in helping my roommate and I find a place in Austin m, no easy task, within budge and location and move-in date. Thanksread more
Jonathan Ellis
Kyle Taylor is GREAT! He asked what we were looking for, met with us early to accomodate our schedule, and had a bunch of options within our price range with qualities we were looking for. 😀 We quickly had our top 5 options chosen and before we knew it we'd signed a contract. 👏😄🤩 Thank you Kyle!read more
Alex Colby
Worked with Kyle Taylor and found a wonderful place to live! He answered all of my questions and made sure I had everything I needed in a home. This was such a wonderful experience!read more
Kristin VanderSys
Working closely with Nora R. was the best ever! She was very professional and super helpful along the way! I loved working with her with finding an apartment! I definitely recommend working with Nora she is the bestread more
Alyssa Perry
Worked with Kyle Taylor to find a new home and he was wonderful to work with. He was thorough and paid attention to the details that were important to me. Good Company. Highly recommend them.read more
Glenda Prince
Was great! We only had to look at it at 1 apartment complex for me to make a decision. She was great at searching for the perfect apartment, and she even checked in afterwards to make sure everything was okay.read more
Angela Hoggatt Graves
Worked with Ingrid at Apartments NOW & it was a wonderful experience! Ingrid was very informative, friendly & patient. She helped my husband & I find a beautiful property at a great rate. I highly recommend Ingrid if you are looking for your next home.read more
Maria Mirabella Sheffield
Nora Roostaie is a realtor at Apartments Now and she helped me find an apartment that has everything that I was looking for! I showed up without an appointment and was greeted by Nora which began the stress free process. I let Nora know what I was looking for and she handled the rest. Within a week I found my new apartment at a great rate! Nora is very professional and knowledgeable and she kept me up to date whenever she found a place that checked all my requirements! I highly recommend using Nora Roostaie at Apartments Now if you are looking to move. She goes above and beyond and she won’t let you down!read more
Chris Allen
Sam Roostaie is a real estate agent here and is one special human being. Sam is kind, thoughtful, fair, tireless and knows the market. Can't think if a better person to give your business too. My family and I have worked with him for years and love how he always pulls through for us!read more
Banafsheh Madaninejad
Cristina Arellano is a real estate agent here and she found me an apartment fast! I went to the office without an appointment, she sat with me right away and we started looking at multiple places around the area. I had some pretty tough criteria, as I have 3 dogs and one is a Rottweiler. I also had a strict budget. She found me exactly what I needed that day, drove me to the apartment complex, and I was able to lease the apartment the next day. She even went out of her way to take me around the neighborhood to show me the best local shops, restaurants and parks. She has since followed up with me to make sure my move went smoothly. Thank you so much Cristina!read more
Alison Battista
Brandi Payne with Apartments Now! Worked effectively and tirelessly to find the perfect apartment in the best location for us. We could not travel to Austin before moving there in a few weeks to tour apartments. Brandi’s knowledge of the apartment complexes , the management companies and best location for our needs gave us information to make a decision confidently. She toured apartment complexes sending us photos of the actual apartments that interested us including the views from the windows and balconies. Brandi responded quickly to our inquiries and got the answers we needed to make our decision!read more
Christy Montgomery
I moved to Austin back In October and didn't have a car with no credit and no rental history . I applied in one apartment and got denied .I was very frustrated and didn't know what to do .I got a hold of Sam Roostaie to one of the advertisement on line . I felt relaxed after talking to him . He assured me that everything is going to be great and he will help He came all the way from North West Austin to South and picked me up and found a place .It wasn't easy with my situation but got it .Have a hard time finding a home with Austin crazy market call Sam .He know the job and he isCaring .read more
Milad Aboutalebi Adarkani
We lived out of state, hadn't even been to Austin before. It was a nail biting experience. Last year Dwight helped us find a place that worked out great for us! He was VERY fast to respond to any questions and was fun to work with. It was a huge relief to pull into a place after a LONG road trip to move here that was so nice. Thank you Dwight!read more
Jean Snider
Cristina Arellano is an amazing Real Estate Agent/ Apartment Locator. She is super fast at finding great properties that fit with your budget and any other specific needs. She went above and beyond for me and found me beautiful options within my budget. I had a new lease signed in less than 48 hours after making my first call to her. She is very responsive, super sweet, efficient, professional and personable at the same time. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone who is looking for a new place. She saved me so much time and made the whole process very enjoyable.read more
Michele Burch
Request Dwight Baker. He is excellent at what he does and is very responsive to your needs. He is well connected in Austin and has lots of experience. He was fantastic to work with and found a great fit for me. Thank you Dwight!! This is a quality service. I will repeat.read more
Miles Roberto
I worked with Niki Prekas on my move down to Austin. I was unable to fly down and walk through each apartment so Niki's insight and recommendations were invaluable! She made the dreadful apartment hunting so easy! I simply told her my requirements and price point and she sent me a handful of options. She was very open and honest about the ones she'd personally recommended based off the location, apartment, neighborhood. Within a couple days of our first conversation, I had my apartment secured! I've been living in Austin for nearly two months now and am so happy with her recommendation. The location is wonderful, the neighborhood is beautiful, and our neighbors are so friendly and welcoming. I could not be happier with the level of service I got from Niki.read more
Jacque Jensen
I've never used an apartment search service before but was referred by a leasing agent whose complex I loved (The Bridge at Tech Ridge) but was full. She referred me to Dwight, and he did a fantastic job. All he needed was budget, any necessary amenities and the location desired. I wanted to live in the 'burbs but didn't have a specific area; just nice, newer (or updated) complex in a nice area. Dwight quoted several properties that fit the bill. He found one complex I hadn't even run across in my own search... Turned out the one I loved and signed a lease with! They had a fantastic move-in special at the time, and without Dwight I would have never found it! It's a no brainer: if you are moving here from out of town and don't know the area, why not ask for FREE help? It was fast too! He usually responded to my emails or phone calls within the hour.read more
Taylor Montgomery
My family worked with Maria, she was great! She listened to both my spouse and my needs and got us exactly what we needed for our family. She also was very understanding when my child got sick and at the last minute I asked if we could change our meeting time. Completely recommend her and will be using her again if we ever need another apartment.read more
Lisa Romero
Kelly Johnson jumped through hoops and did wonders on getting me into a great location and apt. She was very good and finding what I was looking for and told me get honest opinions on the best of the best! My next one if I leave the one I'm at down the road will be through Kelly Johnson. She was so dedicated to get me into an apartment that she almost had my friend convinced that he needed one and he was only to help me look for one and he's not even in the same city! ( that's how good she is) when you know that someone isn't just in it because it's their job but seem to want to out of genuine help it's refreshing! This lady needs a raise!!! Kelly Johnson is on the top of her game and knows it, for why she's the best! I think many can agree with this! KELLY JOHNSON YOU ROCK!!!read more
Aeramis Carter
Michelle Morgan
Jessica Garcia is the BEST! I came in yesterday stressed out b/c apt hunting is the worst & in the first 30min she took me to see a great apt & this was at the end of the day too. I was still undecided so by the next day she had several options for me. Today I made my decision & I have my place. Seriously, within 24 hrs she found me a great place under my budget!!! She's fantastic! And super fun tooread more
Blanca E Gonzalez
Kris Orr did just a fantastic job of getting places setup and being able to find a gem that I never would have considered searching on my own. Very pleasant, and knowledgeable of whats around and what to expect. Worked with my tight schedule and found my place in an afternoon.read more
Norman Kirchner
Kelly Johnson is great! She found me apartment in minutes. Literally! I gave a description of what I wanted, which included a less-dense area, possibly on a lake or preserve and BAM! She found an apartment I had been wanting a few minutes later. Thanks again, Kelly!read more
Julian C Wynn
Cheryl Bp
Christy S.
2022-07-29 19:57:24
I cannot recommend this agency and Tina E enough. Tina helped me through an emergency situation while I was driving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX. My...read more
Working with Lexi and Apartments Now! was a great experience! Lexi was extremely nice, personable, punctual and I've never experienced better customer service! She more than delivered what she promised and even when my plans changed, she was the epitome of grace and professionalism. She located numerous options for me to consider and went so far as to visit several of them with me. She was very knowledgeable about the current market and always offered me sage advice on finding a place that was suitable for my lifestyle and budget. If you are looking for an apartment in the North Austin, Pflugerville or Round Rock area, don't think twice about contacting Lexi at Apartments Now! I can assure you - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!read more
Brian Sedatole
13:44 05 Aug 22
I cannot recommend this agency and Tina E enough. Tina helped me through an emergency situation while I was driving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX. My apartment fell through at the last second, the day I literally started my 4 day drive to TX. Tina was referred to me and she found me a great apartment that met all of my requirements and preferences within only A DAY AND A HALF! She even stayed up after hours to answer my questions and send me listings (she sent me 3 awesome listings that first day a couple hours after we first talked on the phone)! She did all the legwork for me so I wouldn’t be stressed out on my drive over. She has gone above and beyond for me and her professionalism/knowledge about the area and renting in general is unmatched. Thank you again Tina!read more
Christy Sae
02:55 30 Jul 22
If it’s time for you to start looking for a place to live than make it easy on yourself and just make 1 phone call to apartments now and ask for Rod!!! He is the SUPERMAN of apartment locators!!!! My only regret is that I didn’t call sooner!!!Rod is efficient! He is fast! And most importantly HONEST! These days it’s hard to find people you can trust!My husband and I had “complicated circumstances” (to say the least) and the chance for us getting approved were slim to none but Rod made it happen! He found us apartment that we both loved the same day we called him!!!read more
Ben&Amanda Cierley
17:20 22 Jul 22
Nick made the apartment hunting process so easy, it's incredible! We came in with a small list and 24 hours later we found our perfect place. Nick was able to show us places we didn't even know about. He was thoughtful, flexible and provided great insight. Having him with us during our tour was extremely helpful because he knows all the questions to ask. I would recommend Apartments Now without any hesitation. Nick is a rockstar!read more
Miguel Guerrero
18:32 02 Jul 22
Tom Harrell helped me find the perfect place to call my new home. He took the time to listen to me to get a clear understanding of what I wanted and needed. He took me to look at the new apartment and was very helpful when I needed help with my walker. He added that special touch I needed and I thank him for that.If you need a new apartment I recommend Tom. He is that good!read more
18:30 28 Jun 22
Tim exceeded expectations and that does not do it justice. Was as simple as going to the website entering exactly what I was looking for and within the hour Tim was on the phone with results. Highly professional and in the know. If you have tried searching for a place on your own and felt the dread of driving and viewing what seemingly looks nothing like the pictures just give him a call and he will exceed any expectations you had. Would highly recommend as this level of service is near impossible to find these days. Kudos to Tim!read more
Travis Machac
22:02 22 Jun 22
I worked with Amanda and she helped me find an apartment after a lot of effort in less than week. Right now is not an easy time to find an apartment you're happy with but Amanda went above and beyond touring multiple apartments with me and using her knowledge of apartments in the area to help get me the best deal possible. I've worked with Apartment finders before but Amanda really cares about her job and her clients. I'll definitely be back!read more
21:44 22 Jun 22
Jenna Winot was such a pleasure to work with.She was a consistent communicator throughout the entire process, spoke with the leasing office when I couldn’t get through, and was persistent in her search to find a place that was perfect for me.Jenna helped me find my new home at an amazing rate and was even able to offer me more than I asked.As a recent college graduate with no experience in this area, having Jenna was such an asset and I am beyondgrateful!read more
Esther Amina McGhee Cuevas
12:09 05 Jun 22
Ingrid was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. I am moving from Dallas to Austin. I searched apartment websites for weeks until my daughter suggested I use Apartments Now to help.Ingrid was able to ask the right questions and eliminate all the apartments that would not meet my needs. Within 30 minutes she was able to present 5 apartments and help eliminate 3 to focus my search down to the ones I was truly interested in at the monthly rent I wanted to pay. Her knowledge about Austin apartments and her professional relationship with the apartment managers led me to the perfect location, floor plan, and price. The best part is that here services are free. I fully recommend her and her staff to everyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using her company.read more
Bruce Capps
15:15 21 May 22
Timothy was an absolute pleasure to work with, and did everything he could to make the search for our new place as easy and painless as possible for us. He managed to find us a place in a day, when we had been searching for weeks. He found a larger space than we were searching for, for a low amount (at the very low end of our budget) considering the market rates went up so high within the last year. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new place and have some conditions since 2/3 of us also have poor credit.read more
Jack Kendall
20:38 22 Apr 22
Sam is absolutely amazing. My significant other & I were out of options when it came to looking for our next location, then we stumbled upon Sam at apartments now. He went above and beyond to help us & get us into an area we were needing & apartment fast! I 100% recommend going to him if you’re in a bind & needing help finding a place. I will definitely go to him in the future as well!!!read more
Jae Watson
15:07 12 Apr 22
Tom was so patient and helpful. He was super friendly and made sure we were able to find something in our budget. Also, everyone at the apartment locators were super friendly as well. I highly recommend this place. Thank you again for helping us in our search.read more
Kimberly Micko
22:28 07 Apr 22
I found myself needing to find an apartment on the flash. And my circumstances were unique so I reached out to Sonya to assist me. She absolutely went out of her way to help locate a place to apply. And followed up on me throughout. I would recommend her she is diligent and keeps her word. And a very kind hearted person. So 5 stars for that young lady. Thanks again.read more
Rogelio Lozano
20:37 07 Apr 22
If you want to go into your apartment hunt blindly, then don’t work with Ashley. If you want to apartment shop with 100% confidence that all of your needs will be met and all of the tough questions you wouldn’t think to ask will be asked for you… then go see Ashley at Apartments now ASAP. The best customer service out there!read more
Erik Blumberg
20:19 07 Apr 22
Tim Howard was the best apartment finder ever!!! He got right in the job as soon as I sat down and actually found me a place!! He stuck by my side through the whole process making sure everything went the way it was supposed to, and guess what it did!!! He's a really nice guys who made my process so much easier. If you are looking for someone who cares and is really willing to help ask for Tim Howard!!!!read more
Shage Clark
02:11 01 Apr 22
Audra Jones is amazing! She helped me find an amazing apartment. She made the process so much easier and I didn't have to stress about finding an apartment. Audra is so nice and made it feel like I was talking to a friend! I will definitely be recommending her to anyone who needs an apartment locator!read more
Alayna Burton
19:49 28 Mar 22
Cristina has been absolutely amazing! I needed to find a place to live in Austin Texas and I had to move within a two week time frame, and Cristina found me a place within 3 days! She was extremely helpful and super nice! Since I was out of state, she would visit the locations and video call me to let me virtually tour the locations and she even showed me the surrounding areas. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a place to live! After being here for a week, I can say that the place she found me is absolutely amazing.read more
Preston Trout
17:06 08 Mar 22
Tom Harrell by far was the best locator I've ever contacted! After months of struggling to find a place in the area on my own I contacted Apartments Now and was assisted by the best locator on their roster.Within the first hours of meeting Tom he was patient, kind, and very determined to find an apartment that met my needs. That same day he was able to find an amazing apartment for me that I now call home. Couldn't believe how fast he made it happen and get me approved within the same day!Awesome and Superior service Mr. Tom Harrell!Thank you once again and many blessings to you and yours!read more
Jae Williams
02:58 04 Mar 22
I worked with Ms. Ingrid several times and each time she was able to help me find something quickly and within my price range. I was so impressed with her customer service and experience! I would recommend Apartments Now to anyone looking for help finding a new place to live!read more
Rosie The Selkie
21:14 23 Feb 22
Amanda has been amazing through this whole process. She was thorough in her searches and listened to exactly what my roommate and I were looking for. I'm beyond excited to moving into my new apartment and Amanda took the stress out of apartment shopping. Thank you, Amanda!read more
Mackenzie Young
18:12 22 Feb 22
I wanted to give Amanda kudos for locating me an apartment that met my needs. My lease was expiring in a couple of months and needed to find another one due to their rent increase. I found something in the same area with savings and the amenities that I was looking for in a new place.read more
Peter Brinegar
16:08 20 Feb 22
Amanda has been very customer service oriented, timely responses, very informative, client oriented, and very understanding. She helped secure an apartment in less than 2 weeks, and made sure my needs were met by the apartment complex she recommended. I highly commend her for her work and I’d refer her to anyone looking for an apartment/house.read more
Augustine Tadale
16:33 15 Feb 22
You ask me who I recommend to find you the best apartment, the best deal, just the best of the best?…Ashley Del Barto she was an absolute top tier expert and finding exactly what I needed. I gave her a brief list of wants/needs as well as all my deal breakers. Ashley was so fast and efficient. Keeping all my details in mind she found my husband and I the perfect apartment.If anyone else needs an apartment locator I’m sending them her way! Thank you Ashley!read more
Violet Weber-Treviño
00:56 03 Feb 22
Ashley is amazing! I’m moving from California to Texas and she made the process of apartment hunting so easy for me. I would highly recommend using her services. She’s such a bubbly person and really makes your apartment search a great experience.read more
Ricki Freitas
22:14 13 Jan 22
Ashley is absolutely the best!She worked hard to find the perfect place for us. Ashley is professional and response to all text messages and calls throughout the day she listened carefully to all of our wants and our concerns. When it's time for us to find a new place you and count on us going back to her again.read more
Angel sanchez
21:19 03 Jan 22
I was beyond satisfied with the rapid assistance. I had a very short move in time frame and within a day I had multiple options. We went through each amenity footage, my needs and wants. Constant communication and quick responses. To signing my lease within 4 days. Especially took the stress away while being out of town. Thank you so much Ingridread more
Neisha Gross
23:03 03 Dec 21
Cristina Arellano is my new personal hero! My housing situation fell through with less than two weeks until my move date. I was looking for apartments long distance and had no opportunity to visit places or shop around before I selected one. Christina dropped everything to help me and had a list of great places ready for me in just hours. Then she took me on virtual tours and I helped me get an application in for an apartment same-day.Christina went above and beyond to check on me regularly throughout the process and made things easier than I could have thought possible. She was knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. I cannot recommend her services more highly!read more
Mackenzie Machuga
04:24 01 Dec 21
Timothy Howard was my real estate agent in helping me find a two bath/bed and managed to find one for $200 cheaper than usual! He took care of negotiating, tracking our application status and communicating with the leasing office agents to ensure we’d have housing. Can’t recommend Tim enough for all his hard work. Thank you Tim!read more
Christian Danoy
17:15 26 Nov 21
If I could, I would give this review more than 5 stars. Cristina Arellano was SO much help to my husband and I. From the very first phone call we were extremely pleased with the level of service and commitment that she has. Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty, integrity and hard work ethics are very much appreciated and respected. Our case was very complex and I was worried. However, Cristina made the process seem like a breeze. She ALWAYS made sure to explain things thoroughly and was able to get us what we wanted! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She doesn’t just see a client, she genuinely cares about you and makes sure you know it.read more
Ana Ortiz
03:15 17 Nov 21
This is my second time working Ashley and all I can say she gets better every year. Her professionalism, willingness to work with me, and world class customer service set her apart from any other agent in the city. She has really helped me out and was able to find an apartment for me in less than a week. Thank you Ashley for all your help, we really appreciate it! 🙂read more
21:59 08 Nov 21
Ingrid did a great job keeping in contact with me and helped me find a place in such a short amount of time.Even when the complex I applied for was taking longer than expected to get back to me she kept in touch with both the leasing office and myself to ensure that I was taken care of.I recommend her to anyone that is looking to lease apartments if they want things done in a timely and professional manner with great communicationread more
20:08 05 Nov 21
Cristina A, is a hard working and dedicated professional who would help you to the very end to get you situated in Austin. I thought my circumstance was impossible and I would need to live a hotel for another week but she made it happen. I needed an ASAP move in and my time limit was 3 days she was able to move me in by the last day. She knows the area and the leasers very well. They all know her by name. I checked three spots all the same day and all of the leasing office employees reassured me I was in good hands even when I didn’t decide to lease with them. I couldn’t have done without her help and expertise.read more
David Ceron
03:08 23 Oct 21
Highly recommend Cristina Arellano! She got me into an apartment super quick! Very good communication from start to finish. Asked me everything I wanted in an apartment and got it for me on the first apartment she found! Do yourself a favor and use CRISTINA! Thanks again!!!read more
Al Sykes
22:46 21 Oct 21
I was a little unsure to use this service and I am so glad I did. I needed an apartment ASAP in Austin and I was 2000 miles away. Christina was not only incredibly proactive, available, professional and right there through every Step of the process, she made me feel as though I were her only client and I am sure I was not. I Could not have done this without her. I was in awe of her knowledge, tips and fun personality. Can’t say enough good things about how well she took care of me. Now I have a great place to call home and it felt effortless. Thank you Christina!read more
Grant Becker
01:12 11 Oct 21
I worked with Ashley Del Barto. SERIOUSLY KNOWS HER STUFF! The moment I got off the phone with her if she was able to see me so quickly and already had listings available for me to look at. Listened to what I wanted most and made sure to select properties that fit what I needed. This time of year apartments are leasing fast the moment one came available that she knew I would like she called me immediately and was ready to meet me and I signed as soon as I saw it. It was affordable and in a good area. I really appreciate her driving all over Austin to accommodate me. I’m super excited for my new place😁😁😁😁😁read more
Mmmkverde ATX
03:23 06 Oct 21
Amanda was great! She really helped me find, rather quickly, an apartment that was within my budget that checked-off all the boxes to meet my needs. I highly recommend Amanda and the Apartments Now staff, as they really know their stuff.read more
Michael Marin
21:05 27 Sep 21
Cristina Arellano is very professional and organized. She knows what she is talking about and absolutely sweet! I am out of state searching for an apartment in the Austin area and it is quite difficult but she managed to find me an absolutely perfect location that fulfills everything I wanted which happens to be UNDER my budget. Absolute miracle worker and a blessing. Will definitely recommend her services if you’re in search of an apartment! Thank you very much Cristina!!read more
Edward Cruz
02:37 13 Sep 21
Cristina helped my roommate and I and she was incredibly helpful. She did all of the work and all we had to do was drive there and sign the lease. The apartment is amazing so far. Wouldn’t know where I’d be without Cristina’s help.read more
Christian Gervasi
23:37 31 Aug 21
Ashley is amazing. She was exceptionally organized and helped me to find an apartment quickly. She listened to my apartment wants and found a great place for my husband and I. She took all the stress away of finding an apartment, and could not have done it without her. I highly recommend.read more
raelin dross
10:19 26 Aug 21
I was referred here because I was told by a friend that Ingrid is the best around, and she did not disappoint!I emailed her and she contacted me the same day. She found a bunch of properties matching my criteria just over the weekend and I met with her the following Monday to go over them. We found a perfect match, so she called in and helped me complete an application. A couple days later we were accepted! A very fast and reliable service, and at no cost to me. You can’t beat it!read more
Matthew Gaetz
20:14 06 Aug 21
My partner and I had a great experience working with our locator, Cristina. We were able to find something that was precisely what we were searching for, all thanks to her. We appreciated her professionalism and understanding of our needs. She definitely went above and beyond with this one and would love to work with her again within the future.Thanks again Cristina for all of your hard work, we are extremely pleased with the outcome and excited to move into our new home.read more
Juan Chavez
18:32 02 Aug 21
My fiancé and I worked with Mike to find apartments that met all of our needs (no breed restrictions, certain square footage within our budget, in a great location, etc..) Mike was great to work with. He found the perfect apartment for us within a couple of days and we’ve lived here a week now. We are enjoying it so far and plan to live here until we buy or build a house. A huge thank you to Mike for making it possible and for doing it quickly! You cannot go wrong when you work with him.read more
Callie Rice
18:03 26 Jun 21
You can't beat them. Fast, free, and effective. If you're working a schedule that leaves no time to research apartments, they are the best possible choice for you. They'll make everything easy to deal with and even assist you with any questions or even contacting the offices for additional information even after you sign the lease. Ms. Ingrid was with me every step of the way and made my first time getting an apartment of my own one of the easiest, stress-free experiences of my life. Utilize their services! They are there to help and will take a great burden off of your shoulders!read more
Taylor King
17:27 21 Jun 21
Wow, with less than a 2 weeks to find a place Tim Howard really pulled a miracle out of thin air. I came in as a walk-in and he happily helped me out and made me feel really comfortable from the start (and didn't BS me on places that he knew weren't the right fit). This man not only helped me fine my ideal apartment in my price range but also set up / navigated appointments for/ with me AND walked up 4 flights of stairs with a medical boot on his hurt foot and a cane! I'm so thankful that he took care of me and helped me find my new home in the crazy rental market that Austin has going on. If you decide to call ahead and set up an appointment definitely ask for Tim.read more
James Onderdonk
23:09 27 May 21
Cristina was amazing!!! I was on a super tight schedule and Cristina put a lot of work and effort into finding us the perfect place. 3 days after our first contact I signed my new lease! Throughout the entire process Cristina was super professional and responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a new place to stay. You won't regret it!read more
Annika Büchner
01:25 30 Apr 21
I had an excellent experience working with Christina. She took great care when figuring out what I wanted in an apartment, which was particularly difficult given my price range, and she exceeded all expectations with the apartments she found for me. She gave me a list of all the apartments with images, rates, details, and a preset time for me to view! Even after choosing an apartment, she stayed in contact during the leasing process and ensured that everything ran smooth. I highly recommend her services to anyone relocating to the Austin area, as she is extremely knowledgeable on all things Austin and has immaculate communication skills.read more
Nicholas Singleton
20:44 07 Apr 21
Manuel Mata was the most professional agent I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I had damages to my apartment due to a winter storm and was forced to vacate the unit so repairs could be made, which left me scrambling to find a new place to live. I contacted Manuel and within one day he had a list of excellent options to choose from. Within 2 days, we zeroed in on a new place with a GREAT deal. He met me at the leasing office with only a 30 minute heads up and walked me through the entire application process. On the third day, I was approved and got my keys to move in. 3 DAYS!!! That’s how long it took me from worrying about where I would live next to finding a place that I love at a great price. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate Manuel, and I would recommend him to anybody.read more
Kaleb Ward
23:19 02 Apr 21
I could not be more pleased with apartments now. I was recommended their services by two of my coworkers who found their apartments through them. I contacted them last minute as my current lease was about to end and my applications were being denied. Ashley Del Barto really came through, with her help my girlfriend and I found a great place in time with a good deal. I really recommend her service, they are a great agency!read more
Robert Martinez
03:20 28 Mar 21
I don't know where to start. Michelle is amazing and stays in touch the entire process. We met up March 1st to go over what apartments met my requirements and then we saw a few properties. The property I absolutely loved was a bit out of the area for my daughter but that did not deter Michelle. She went back to the drawing board and found us a great property the same day and we were approved by the property that Friday. I've never had such a great experience with someone that loves their job and listens to their customers they way Michelle did. She referred us to a moving company that gave us a discount on the move because of Apartments Now. I pray this move goes without incident as the apartment locating process was fast and easy. I would refer anyone to Michelle at Apartments Now because she made this process smooth and easy. Thanks again Michelle for being amazing and being excellent at your job.read more
Lenora Blakes
15:30 19 Mar 21
Ingrid was extremely responsive and thorough. She gave great advice through the search process and was incredibly spot on in matching my desired criteria. We were able to select some top options and tour them the next day. I ended up signing a lease that evening. I would highly recommend this service for someone not familiar with the area or who does not want to go through the annoying process of apartment searching on their own.read more
Bryce Brady
22:01 18 Mar 21
I was advised to contact Cristina after some failings of my own in finding a new place to move into. She was really helpful in finding possible apartments in my price range. I was surprised at how fast and how many she located.Communication was also really great. Any question I may have had, she was able to answer. Once a selection was made, she helped me get in touch with the management and things went pretty straight forward from there.Thanks so much Cristina,read more
15:32 17 Mar 21
Cristina was wonderful. We needed to move to a new apartment with short notice due to flooding. She was able to find us plenty of options with immediate move in, all in our price range. We found the perfect apartment and we owe it all to her help. I can not recommend enough.read more
Alex Gilkerson
21:22 16 Mar 21
Cristina Arellano was amazing! I highly recommend ☺️ She helped my roommate and I find something really nice within our budget and desired location. It was really hard to for us to find something due to no credit but she made it work. She worked with us through out the whole process , on our time and made sure we were stress free.read more
Selicia Castro Munoz
03:44 24 Feb 21
So, my situation was a very special and difficult situation. Being that I have some debt and bad credit, and my daughter’s dad is self employed. After many failed attempts at applying at other places, I was given Cristina’s information and went for it. So glad I did because we got approved at a great rate and place! Cristina was SO patient and helpful with us even through this pandemic. Highly recommend her! Thank you so much for your help!read more
Sunflower Draws
21:00 25 Jan 21
In late August 2020, I was forced to find an apartment in the Austin area on short notice. Paul with Apartments Now was able to take my request and find me an apartment within the week. He went above and beyond working with me, my requests, and the properties in order to find the apartment that worked best for me and my situation.If you are need of apartment locating services in Austin, I recommend Paul and Apartments Now. They know the area. They have good relationships with the properties. They are willing to work on your schedule.read more
Wendi Sisneros
03:18 09 Jan 21
If I could give them 10 stars I would. To be honest I don't even know where to begin. From the moment that I called to the end Shane was amazing. He literally found what I was looking for. He was really kind and understanding at the same time. I highly recommend them!!!! Also I loveee my new place!!!!read more
Jessica “Starr”
16:39 08 Dec 20
He noAll I can say is wow....this service and Cristina in particular was awesome, Coming from a skeptic this service and Cristina are a hidden Gem. Hard to find people who genuinely care about your situation and act with a sense of urgency on your behalf but Cristina did both of these things. If I am ever in this situation again I would 100% use this again....I never recommend anything either but believe you me, I have been with this. Thanks again Cristina for everything and the apartment is amazing. You guys are awesome!@read more
James Selby
05:52 01 Dec 20
I was referred to Cristina while looking for a place and she took away all the stress. After a few texts and short phone call she gave me amazing options That I wouldn’t have found on my own.I couldn’t be more grateful for the work she did in finding me the perfect apartment in a matter of hours. Cristina is amazing and I couldn’t imagine not using her if you plan on moving. Thank you!read more
jeffrey giardinelli
20:39 09 Nov 20
In October, I looked for places to live all over Travis County as I was starting a new job and needed to find somewhere to settle and quick! Given my circumstances, I had hopes that continued to dwindle as the days went on. I was beginning to wonder if I'd find something I'd like, and that suited my dog and me.As fortune would have it, I was contacted by Ms. Cristina Arellano one Wednesday morning. She asked some questions and was very patient as I explained my situation. I'm still not sure how, but Ms. Cristina was able to locate a spot that I could afford, overlooked my background issues, worked with my rental history and credit score, accepted pets, and I could move in that same weekend!I was put in touch with a great apartment manager, I applied and was accepted!! I am so so happy with my apartment and my neighborhood is great, quiet, and a pizza place right across the street!! I am really pleased with my experience with Cristina, she faced some serious odds and came out on top, I'm very proud of her work and relentless efforts in helping me find a much needed home, all the while dealing with my stressed out self! I could not have asked for a better experience, I am grateful for the assistance and know I wouldn't be here without her!! Thanks again!!read more
Nikki Proper
02:44 09 Nov 20
Rebecca is awesome. She helped me locate the perfect property on such short notice. I had to lean her expertise and trust that she knew exactly what I wanted after giving her my criteria. I moved in without seeing the apartment in person because I was relocating from another state. She took my criteria and found exactly what I wanted. I am wrapping up my first month in the apartment and I am loving it.read more
D.G. Swanagain
18:16 30 Oct 20
I would definitely use Apartments now! again in the future. It was an eXcellent experience and so professional. Ingrid was great and always available and stayed on top of it even after I found the perfect apartment. I don't write reviews often but I would definitely recommend this service to anyone...well worth it!!read more
Monica Taylor
23:04 29 Oct 20
Ingrid was awesome and very helpful. She did a wonderful job helping me find the right apartment. I never felt rushed and she was patient with all my questions and email correspondence. Having her come with me to the apartment tours was also a huge plus! The housing/rental market in Austin is crazy, but having Ingrid definitely lessened the burden.read more
Reena Patel
22:26 26 Oct 20
Tom at Apartments Now is very professional and courteous, going above and beyond my expectations. Found several great options for my partner and I to consider, and explained the inner workings on why different apartments charge what they do. Made the entire experience a very eye opening one. Thank you, Tom!read more
Shannon Slape
00:11 17 Oct 20
Tom at Apartments Now! is the bee's knees of customer service. He was courteous, straightforward, and very patient with me even though I suffer from memory and concentration issues. He was very thorough in exploring our options in the area specified in our low price range, went out of his way to arrange showings and even used his contacts to make sure we were able to see everything despite our uncooperative schedule.The entire process was far less stressful than trying to find something on our own and we never felt pressured to explore any options we were uncomfortable with.On top of that, we didn't pay a cent for his exemplary service.I cannot recommend Apartments Now! enough. Ask for Tom!read more
Thomas Anderson
19:42 16 Oct 20
Michelle was so wonderful showing us different apartments that we could afford in the areas that we wanted. I can’t say enough about how personable and genuine she was. During the Pandemic she helped us find the perfect place all virtually. Responding to all our questions in a timely manner. Thanks to her hard work we are HOMEread more
Kim Hood
01:38 14 Oct 20
Cristina from Austin's Apartment Now!, has been the best for the past 3 years helping me find an apartment. She's attentive and makes sure she find you the best place to meet your needs! She learned my style and my budget and was very helpful throughout the whole process. During Covid pandemic she was able to set me up tours and offer her insight. As long as I'm in Austin I will be reaching out to Cristina to find me my next perfect home. Thank you Cristina!!!!read more
22:57 09 Oct 20
Michelle went above and beyond helping me locate my new apartment. She was very patient with the process for me to get everything in line to move in. Also, she was very informative and helped picked out many great options to choose from and ones that fit what I was looking for. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is in the search of an apartment!read more
Brock Copeland
17:09 08 Oct 20
I’ve worked with Monica Gigante @Apartments Now twice to find an apartment . Monica consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her customers needs are met. She is patient, attentive and overall awesome. I would recommend anyone looking for an Apartment to contact Monica, you will have no regrets.read more
Kelly-Ann Allen
22:49 06 Oct 20
Our agent Saul was professional, courteous and went above and beyond in finding us our next home. He listens to exactly what you want and makes it happen. Definitely ask for Saul when finding your next home.read more
Debralee Lang
17:02 06 Oct 20
Cristina went above and beyond finding me a home. With o my one week to move and coming from a different state she was thorough, respectful, thoughtful, and attentive! Highly highly recommend her services!read more
Jacqueline Martinez
04:35 30 Sep 20
Cristina went above and beyond finding me the perfect apartment.I was working with another realtor who couldn’t really work with my credit score, but when I told Cristina she made me feel very comfortable and was optimistic and indeed called me the next day with a handful of places that had all my boxes checked and would accept my score or try to work with me.This being my first apartment on my own with out family or roommates I wasn’t sure what all I had to do and she worked with me every step of the way.The first application I did was it, I now have a great apartment for me and my two year old and it only took roughly a week and a half maybe less.If you are having any issues finding a home, I suggest calling Cristina. This woman does not disappoint.read more
amanda spencer
23:24 24 Sep 20
Cristina Arellano is absolutely amazing! I can only sum my experience with her up as perfect. Her skills and personality are all encompassing and she far exceeded all of my hopes. She went above and beyond to find me the best deal for my needs and I will not only send everyone that I know to her, but I will never use anyone else, ever!!! Thank you Cristina!!!read more
Pamela Henry
03:08 19 Sep 20
Tina is the best. No doubt. Always responsive and helpful throughout the way of finding my new place. Not the first time I have reached out to her for help finding a place to call home for a little while. I highly recommend her, very professional and sweet! Thank you so much Tina.read more
Paola Speicher
20:23 09 Sep 20
Ingrid was very helpful with me in finding my next apartment. I work full-time and could not find the time to look for an apartment with my lease ending and I had a friend recommend Ingrid to help me find a new place. I called her and told her what I wanted and the next week I met with her and we found and applied for a new place. She does amazing work and she will work for you.read more
Luke McDaniel
20:18 28 Aug 20
Had a great experience working with Erika. I would highly recommend her to anybody that I know. She was able to find me an apartment quickly and within my price range/date. Erika completely took all the stress of apartment hunting away. Surprised how seamless and easy the process was considering the pandemic and the guidelines that are in place.read more
Jesse Boutwell
18:37 25 Aug 20
Sam and Nora were both amazing in helping me find the right apartment for me! Will be recommending their services from here on out.
14:10 23 Aug 20
I was hesitant to reach out to another locator after my first one landed me in a less-than-desirable community. That unit was unfit for living, and placed enormous amounts of stress on me. I was able terminate that lease early and needed Monica to help me decide on places I could apply with confidence. She listened to my wants and needs and found at least 4 complexes that I loved. My top choice approved my application today and I am so thrilled. Monica Gigante is a life saver!! 5/5 recommend her help!read more
Tyler Aaron
23:45 18 Aug 20
I cannot express how much Cristina helped our family. I even asked her how I can leave a review bc I wanted others to know how awesome she was for us.We are moving from Waco to Austin and had a place lined up. 2 weeks before our lease ends here in Waco, the Austin rental fell through and we were scrambling to find something. Being self-employed was creating extra hoops to jump thru in getting income-verified, and the whole process was a mess.We were referred to Cristina and she immediately began working on our behalf. She called us the evening we lost the first rental and spent time learning exactly what we needed and what our obstacles were. The NEXT MORNING she called almost 20 different complexes and found us exactly what we were looking for with a manager willing to work with us. We signed the lease that day and will move in before the end of August! Seriously, she worked a miracle.If you are looking to move to Austin and rent, do yourself a HUGE favor and contact Cristina. My only regret is that we didn't do that sooner. It would have saved us weeks of headaches trying to find an open apt on our own. 11/10 recommend.read more
Melaina Hagerup
14:08 18 Aug 20
Ingrid was amazing! No really! She called me as soon as I hit the “contact me” button. I had tried to work with two other companies with either no answer or horrible service. I walked into Ingrids office and left there an hour later with a new home. Moved in this past weekend. Highly recommended!!read more
Tonya Baker
20:47 16 Aug 20
In a matter of just a couple weeks I was able to find the perfect place to move based on price, location, and features that I wanted in the apartment. It was a truly wonderful experience working with Monica!read more
Rachel Anthony
17:54 13 Aug 20
I've come here three times in ten years and always a good experience. This time though was last minute but Erika, wow. She was up for the challenge and in the span of three days she found and secured me an awesome spot. Not only was she professional and absolutely helpful, she was diligent and a pleasure to work with. Before I even had time to stress she had taken care of everything. She follows up and sees it through till your signed off. On the one hand I hope I don't have to move anytime soon but if I have too, I'll be back here again.read more
Willy Sanchez
15:48 13 Aug 20
Michael helped me to find a great apartment! He was thorough, responsive, and a joy to work with. He found places that met all of my criteria, 100lb dog included, and was patient with me to find just the right place! I appreciate his willingness to accompany me on the self-guided tours and genuineness throughout the process. I definitely will be referring everyone I know to Michael at Apartments Now! Thank you Michael!read more
Molly Roth
01:59 09 Aug 20
Couldn’t be more thankful to have the help and service Cristina Arellano provided in my search for a new place. Literally did everything for me, other then signing the lease. I highly recommend her services if your in need of new place. Again I couldn’t be more appreciative for everything you’ve done for me, THANK YOU!!read more
Kent Cho
21:44 23 Jul 20
I've left Illinois and relocated to Texas about 4 days ago. And I called apartment locator and within 3 hours maximum I had already done a virtual lease agreement. Where I'm from that is a unicorn reality. I am very grateful for the agent Cristina Arellano. She was very kind, respectful, responsive. I honestly do not know where I would have done if it wasn't for her assisting me. So those of you that are looking to relocate. When you do, you should try definitely contacting apartment locator to help you with your attorney because they helped me.read more
Grady Taylor
17:22 23 Jul 20
Working with Cristina has been a wonderful experience, she is the example of what going the extra mile means. Thanks to her help, I will be moving into a wonderful apartment soon and I am thankful for all her help...read more
Deanna Loving
23:22 16 Jul 20
Michelle was EXTREMELY helpful and quick in finding me a place to live when I was in a crisis situation. I couldn't be more grateful for her integrity, understanding, and diligence. Highly recommend reaching out to her if you're looking for a new home!read more
Sara M
23:23 10 Jul 20
Nora was absolutely AMAZING in helping me find my new home. Extremely helpful, thorough, and professional. She made sure I was completely comfortable with every aspect of each apartment and was diligent in getting answers to any questions I had. I recommend her and Apartments Now! endlessly. Thank you so much!read more
Natasha Tukeva
12:20 25 Jun 20
Ashley was so wonderful helping me find just the right apartment. I was stressing since I was on a time crunch and every day she was reaching out giving me different options, and even found me a great deal that worked wonderfully with my time limit and budget. Can’t wait to work with Ashley again in the future and will for sure send my friends her way going forward!read more
Natasha Murphy
19:56 23 Jun 20
Cristina was recommended to me by one of the complexes I called and boy did she deliver. Found me exactly what I needed in under 24 hours!! Gave full details, full transparency & it was within a time frame that I could not believe! Miracle worker. Thanks again Cristina! 🙂read more
Joseph Meastas
14:17 20 Jun 20
If I did not believe in the concept of serendipity before, I most certainly do now!! Nick was waiting for a client in the parking lot of a complex that my partner and I had scouted on our own. He overheard us talking and chimed in with some suggestions. Five minutes later he was on the phone with our (little to our knowledge) dream apartment complex setting up a showing for us. We went to check it out and signed the lease that day!In 5 minutes Nick helped us find the place we had been looking for for nearly a month on our own. Not only did he help us find a new place, but he referred us some folks because he knew we were looking to sublease our old place.Seriously amazing customer service from start to finish. If you're looking to find a new place to live, Nick is your guy!read more
Amber Durkin
22:35 15 Jun 20
Michelle found me a great apartment in 15 minutes of telling her what I was looking for! She was very knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and set everything up for me, even going on a tour so I could see it virtually. It was free, and I would absolutely ask her again if I decide to move anytime soon!read more
Brandon V
19:43 11 Jun 20
I had Cristina helping me and I’m so so glad I did! She was fast! Not only in response to my texts but in finding me a huge list of great options that all stayed in my wish list. She listened to my apartment desires and within the first week and our first tour I found my dream apartment! If you want fast and thoughtful help and someone who knows what they’re doing you wanna use this locator service and ask for Cristina! 😊read more
Olivia Rains
23:37 31 May 20
Our family is so very happy with our experience with Apartments Now. We had the pleasure of working with Ingrid in finding an apartment. We have major issues with our credit after identity theft. In addition, we relocated to Austin and have no connections or family here so we were blind and in the dark. We had no idea where to live, which areas were nice, and which apartment complex would work with our credit issues. We were facing applying to many apartment complexes in an effort to find one that would work with us which would have cost us a ton of money in application fees and administration fees. Not to mention the time it would’ve taken them to fill out many many applications. My wife contacted Ingrid at apartments now and set up an interview and for us to go in and speak with her in an effort to find an apartment. Within 24 hours of making the call the apartments now we had an appointment when Ingrid sat down with Us and looked over the available apartment complexes that would work with our situation and fill out the application. To my families in surprise we were approved by the complex within three days and could not be happier with her performance and professionalism. Thank you Ingrid and Apartments Now. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!!read more
Lea Mauger
18:38 11 May 20
My husband and I worked with Apartments Now for 5 days and was able to find an apartment. They consider your interests and finds what you are looking for. Definitely has your interest at heart and very flexible. Great agency to work with. Mind you, I was communicating the agency from NY.read more
Abygail Israel
22:08 03 Apr 20
Cristina was simply amazing! She is very thorough and got me the right apartment. She listens to what your needs are and I can assure you 100% she will help you find the apartment you are looking for !read more
Carol Graser
19:19 01 Apr 20
Where do I start? Long story short… I was helping my son try and find an apartment. Cristina Arellano was recommended by my daughter-in-law and I’m so happy she was. From the start, Christina went above and beyond helping my son find the right apartment. She sincerely cared about our particular situation and worked very hard to find my son the right place!I highly recommend Christina to anybody who’s trying to find their next home. If I had enough money I would send her a big bouquet of flowers! She is that great!!! We love you Christina!read more
Barbara Monfrini
19:04 27 Mar 20
Tinnieh was AMAZING. She is so knowledgeable and it’s clear she really loves what she does which relieved so much stress from this apartment hunt. She’s located literally about 3 minutes from where I currently live, so getting to her was super easy. She curated my apartment search specifically to my taste and found a place that was perfect and met all of my criteria! Part of my reasons for moving was distance from work, and she found a place that met all of my criteria and the cherry on top was that it’s directly across the highway from my job. She is a real gem and anyone would be lucky to have her help with searching. She kind, patient, and always ready to help. I would recommend her 150% of the time.read more
Breanna Wyrick
19:03 14 Mar 20
How difficult could be find the perfect place for you? Location, Budget, Neighborhood, plus your wish list, also dealing with two languages (Spanish and English). This people does. Great service, amazing aura, and really knowledgeable about everything to find your Unicorn. LoL. Thanks you Cristina for be the best and faster on your field. We love our new place. Highly recommend it.read more
Gerardo Alonzo
05:32 12 Mar 20
I worked with Crystal on finding a new apartment and she found us a beautiful apartment that we love. I couldn’t have chose a better person to help with this experience! With my busy schedule, Crystal made it easy for us to explore and found everything we wanted in a new place! I highly recommend asking for her when finding your new home! 😊read more
Daveya McDonald
17:50 07 Mar 20
Cristina found my husband and I the most perfect apartment complex with a great location and at a great price! She provided us with so many great options and was also honest with us about pros and cons of different places. Really appreciate all of her efforts and will definitely recommend to a friend in the future!!read more
Kelly Gardner
21:03 13 Feb 20
I relocated to Austin from another state and Ingrid from Apartments Now! was amazing helping me to find a new apartment for my family in no time, by making all the arrangements to visit the maximum number of properties according to my strict requirements and time constraints. She was kind to consider the list of properties I provided, and even added some more. And guess what? We ended up selecting one of her proposed properties! She even helped to sort out issues with the leasing contract. I will definitely come back to her when looking to move again in the future. Thank you so much!read more
Manuel Blasco
16:14 04 Feb 20
Cristina was simply amazing! A lot of experience, very friendly and professional. She led the apartment search reaching out to us and setting up all the appointments needed to check out all the apartment options. She is always going to tell you the pros and cons of each place in a neutral manner but with facts from her clients. Working with Cristina has no wrong way. She is the best and you will be able to tell as soon as you interact with her from the first time.read more
Diego Hernandez
22:38 14 Jan 20
Monica was super helpful in helping find the right apartment for me! She took exactly what I was looking for and provided multiple great options. We ultimately found which one was best suited for me! I appreciate all the work and dedication she did to make the process of moving as easy as possible! Thank you Monica!read more
Alexander Shaw
00:13 13 Jan 20
Cristina from Apartments Now! was incredibly helpful in my search for an apartment in Austin. She was kind, knowledgable, and had obviously dedicated a lot of time to doing everything she could to make my apartment search as easy as possible. I was shown many excellent options that met the parameters I had set, and she was happy to provide information about any other options I had found searching independently. When I search for another apartment in the Austin area, I will certainly reach out to Christina at Apartments Now! for an outstanding and smooth shopping experience. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone else.read more
Joseph Richiuso
23:59 07 Jan 20
This place is such a blessing! I had the lovely opportunity to work with Nora and boy does that woman know her stuff! From first contact to me finding out I gotta approved by an apartment Nora was kind, patient and hardworking. She had found me so many wonderful options and one I'll be moving into soon! She's got an eye for good places and you'll love your time with her. Thanks again Nora!read more
Raenesha Thompson
13:21 05 Dec 19
Big thanks to Shane for going above and beyond to help find my brother the perfect apartment in Austin. Shane was thoughtful, kind, and professional, all the while working within our budget, tight timelines, and location preferences. We had a few bumps along the way and he persevered until we found the perfect place to fit our needs. I highly recommend working with Apartments Now and recommend Shane to assist in finding your next perfect place.read more
Stella Mowen
18:22 04 Dec 19
Found a great apartment with a floor plan I love in a price range that makes me happy! Kelli Westmoreland was very easy to work with and went above and beyond to find something that matched my very particular tastes in Northwest Austin. Even though it was a holiday weekend, she did not miss a beat and now I'm moving into a place I love. Highly recommend. 🙂read more
Jon Ray
20:23 03 Dec 19
First all THANK YOU Cristina for giving us such a great and easy experience finding our new apartment. She made us feel so welcome to Austin. Our experience was amazing, Cristina was very prepared in order to show me and my wife the best possible options. She helped us all the way and found us a great deal and we could't be happier!! I highly recommend this branch to anyone who is looking for a new apartment in Austin! /Samread more
05:03 26 Nov 19
Moved to Austin two months ago and the service and the attention to details and find exactly what we needed has been a five-star experience.Our agent who helped us His name is Sam was unbelievably helpful.If we are we need their services we definitely will use the same companyread more
mustafasomar .
17:15 13 Nov 19
Nora was so helpful and sweet when I met with her to find an apartment. She was very thorough in her research and accommodated my preferences/was flexible with where we met. Nora always had my best interest in mind, and I never felt pressured to commit to an apartment. She found me a great apartment that fit all my needs and my budget!read more
Christina H
01:03 04 Nov 19
Let me start off first by giving a BIG THANK YOU to Cristina she was so wonderful and sweet! Very on top of it, told her exactly what me and my sister was looking for and she went to work and found a few great apartments in awesome locations. Even after not going with the two apartments we looked at she had so much patience helping us. We just moved into our new apartment home and we could't be more happy with the community so far. It has everything we wanted and I really appreciate the time she spent getting us here. If anyone is ever looking for an apartment and doesn't know where to start I would definitely recommend going through her first. She very knowledgeable and got us in within two weeks even with our situation. Thank you once again Cristina 🙂read more
Patrice Auston
20:35 23 Oct 19
We are so very thankful to have found Nora! We needed to choose an apartment the DAY we met with her and I cannot say enough great things about her. Her honesty and assertiveness made us feel so comfortable and confident. Upon on arriving to her office she sat down with us and showed us options that she had THOROUGHLY researched. When we went on tours she always displayed her advocacy for US not the apartments. When we toured our last apartment for the day we decided it was the one we liked. Nora took us outside and went over everything with us to make sure that we were completely comfortable with making the decision. She stayed with us through the ENTIRE application process and helped every step of the way. I would recommend Nora over and over to anyone looking for an apartment locator. She will answer any questions you have and will also do her best to get you a great deal. Her integrity and compassion shines bright through her work!read more
Natalie Lewis
14:55 13 Oct 19
Cristina is amazing! When I first got to her office, she had already done a bunch of homework for me. That was impressive! Then, she called several complexes to find exactly what I was looking for. Because of all her hard work and getting to know me, she found me the perfect place at the first location. I ended up with more than I was looking. It’s an awesome place, and I can’t wait to move in!! Thank you Cristina for taking the time to get to know me, and for being real with my needs. 🌹read more
Cap Ping
02:31 13 Oct 19
Wow! If you ever get a chance to work with Nora, she was phenomenal. Nora sat down with me and explained all my options when it came to finding an apartment. It’s great to have a realtor who is knowledgeable of the neighborhoods and prices in order to find what was best for me. She also took the time to follow up after finding my place to ensure it was the best fit for me.read more
George Garcia
11:16 17 Sep 19
My family and I relocated back to the Austin area after living abroad for some years. We are certainly happy we found out about Michelle Morgan because we were desperately needing to find an apartment. One that had all the amenities my family and I would enjoy and feel like home to us. Michelle was extremely helpful, patient, and invested hours researching, making inquiries, and driving my wife and I to see properties. In one day we were able to find a beautiful apartment with all the modern appliances and amenities we desired. I along with my wife strongly recommend Michelle Morgan for any of your home searching needs.read more
Paul Robertson
03:00 17 Sep 19
I walked in during my lunch with not much time and met with Michelle Morgan. We gathered some details and set a Saturday date for the apartment hunt. She was very knowledgeable and helped worked within my limits. After visiting a couple potential apartments we found the right one for my needs. I'm glad she was there to guide me along and would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a new apartment.read more
meys cobos
16:51 16 Sep 19
Nora R. is the best realtor I have worked with throughout my years in Austin. When I was in desperate need to find an apartment prior to the start of the semester, she stepped in to help me and was determined to find the place that suited my needs! She is so caring, helpful, accessible, and organizes! I wish I met her before and wish I could give her a 10/5 star rating :)Please ask for her when you are in need of a place!read more
Rayan Eter
13:34 11 Sep 19
I’m career sales and always like to recognize outstanding service when I receive it. Thank you, Michelle Morgan, and Apartments Now for helping me find my new home! I travel consistently for work and had one day to find a new apartment. I submitted an email request on Sunday evening and received a prompt return call and text from Michelle Monday morning. I scheduled a same-day appointment and when I arrived, she was thoroughly researched and prepared with multiple options that perfectly fit my location, budget and lifestyle. Michelle demonstrates an exceptional level of knowledge, expertise and personalized service, that made the entire experience fun and seemingly effortless. I had a lease application submitted and move-in date on the calendar by end of day. Don’t go it alone, highly recommend Michelle and the Apartments Now team for all of your apartment locating needs!read more
Tamara Smith
22:19 28 Aug 19
I came from out of town and was looking for something affordable and very last minute. I was recommended Christina. I messaged her and she was able to meet up that same day! She is super sweet and was able to find what we were looking for. She’s not lying when she says apartments go out fast in Austin! I highly recommend her!!read more
Astrid Dietrich
20:51 25 Aug 19
There is a lot of things to consider when moving to an apartment, and when you are being relocated and not able to physically view the apartment beforehand – you really have to find someone trustworthy enough to help ease the anxiety of moving somewhere sight unseen. Thankfully, Michelle Morgan was dedicated to making the process as stress free as possible. Even being in a different timezone, she was always prompt in getting back to me via text, email and phone - answering my every and many questions to the best of her abilities. She provided a thorough list that allowed me to make informed decisions - beyond what you can just see online from other apartment sites. In about a weeks time I was able to secure a beautiful apartment, and rest easy knowing I had found exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend Michelle and the Apartments Now team for anyone looking for an apartment!read more
Raymond Palmer
12:58 21 Aug 19
Fantastic service. Actually free, no catch. I worked with Monica to find a new apartment on short notice with bad credit and she made the process a breeze. She was so friendly and easy to talk to, it felt like I was just asking a friend for help. I was dreading having to live in an apartment again, but with her help we were able to find a place I fell in love with in just one day. Cannot recommend them enough. I will definitely keep them in mind if I ever need to move again.read more
Jacob Smith
01:36 14 Aug 19
The most pleasant agent i have come into contact with thus far and i have been searching for a while. Cristina went above and beyond before I arrived to Apartments Now and well after. And found an apartment with in my budget same day. She went through hours of research to prepare herself and i am forever grateful for her kindness and generosity. Thank you so much for finding a home for me and my little one.read more
Eboni Mcmurray
13:46 12 Aug 19
I was moving from Italy and didn't know anything about renting in Austin, so I contacted Nora at Apartments Now to help me find a place in Austin. She was super helpful, professional, patient and kind at all times. She respected my wishlist and provided lots of advice and insights on the different apartments she showed me. Finally, I got a nice apartment and she provided help all through the process of application, signing the lease, and doing additional paperwork (insurance, etc.). I strongly recommend her to find an apartment in Austin! I do not think I would have been able to obtain the same deal on my own!read more
Guillermo Lorenzo
18:36 09 Aug 19
Nora is Awesome! Would recommend her over and over again. She is very helpful, listens to any concerns you have and what you are looking for and your budget. Doesn’t give up and can find you a place so quick. Thank you Nora for all your help and patience. You’re a great genuine and kind person.read more
Martha P Montes
18:09 07 Aug 19
Nora is a Rockstar! Very professional. I came to her needing an apartment ASAP on short notice with other obstacles and she was up for the challenge. Found a great place within an hour. Extremely knowledgeable,positive, and helpful. Refreshing wonderful experience. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Nora.read more
Axel Mercer
19:05 03 Aug 19
THE BEST DECISION WE MADE WAS WORKING WITH MICHELLE!! I called her and within an hour she got back with me and we had an appointment! She was so knowledgeable and easy to work with! In a matter of 3 hours we found our dream apartment! So thankful she helped us! Took so much stress off of my mind! Thanks for being the best Michelle!read more
Danielle Forshee
16:11 02 Aug 19
I had a great experience with Cristina. I trusted her input and felt like I had a very knowledgeable friend with great inside information and understanding by my side. I tried to find a place on my own a few days before working with Cristina. It was a world of difference with her. She found me a great place at an affordable price and helped me negotiate the lease too. Really wonderful experience. I recommend her without hesitation or reservation.read more
02:42 02 Aug 19
Nora R. Is such a great realtor!!! I came to her about one apartment complex I thought was such a great deal & in just an hour she found me an amazing price, much bigger space, and cheaper rent. Her communication skills were awesome even with us being on different time constraints. She will make sure you are up to date on everything about the process & that you're happy with your choice. I will definitely be suggesting her to anyone looking to move!read more
Shakera Barnes
14:07 31 Jul 19
Cristina was so incredible helpful! My friend told me about Apartments Now and I'm so thankful that I got helped out by Cristina. She made the impossible completely possible and helped me find the most amazing apartment ever! I love it so much and it was completely in my price range and was in a good safe location! She even followed up with me to see how everything was and if I liked it!read more
Victoria Lomas
23:40 30 Jul 19
Nora was awesome to deal with! Moved from SFO and needed a place within 5 days or so. Given the short time-frame, Nora did everything in her power to ensure my requirements were met. I was given multiple options and honest opinions on the various questions I had in terms of security and neighborhood safety. Despite the urgency of the situation and my non-stop queries, I was met with nothing but patience and a warm welcome each time. Furthermore, I was given guidance on best rates/firms for renters insurance and electricity. 15/10 would use Apartments Now! again and recommend to friends/family. Thank you Nora and the team at Apartments Now!read more
Kunal Shah
19:24 29 Jul 19
Nora was absolutely wonderful! Within the same day of contacting her, she helped me find the perfect apartment in a great neighborhood. From finding the best renters insurance rates to suggesting trustworthy movers, Nora ensured I Ioved my new home throughout the whole process! Couldn’t be more thankful!read more
Marcela Sanchez
12:05 21 Jul 19
Nora was extremely helpful, professional and conscientious as she helped me with my apartment search (even though it didn't quite work out, for reasons that had nothing to do with her).I rarely write reviews on Google, but am making an exception this time. Based on my experience, I recommend her and Apartments Now! enthusiastically.read more
Jeffrey Evatt
15:56 20 Jul 19
We loved the personal service that we received from Cristina. She sent us several (like 12) options within our price range and our location preferences. And then we met up and she discussed our favorites with us and took us to see our top 4 properties. We also did our own research apart from the properties that Cristina sent us just to make sure we found the perfect apartment for us. We ended up leasing with one of the properties that Cristina found for us! In fact, that particular property was not even on our radar and we would have missed out on it if we hadn’t had Cristina help with our apartment search! We got excellent service and really felt like we had someone “on our side” in our apartment search. We will likely use Cristina again for future apartment needs.read more
Hamzah & Baneen Khataw
23:39 19 Jul 19
Where do I start! Melodi Wells was the best! Not only did she make us feel comfortable but she went above and beyond to guide us through the area and tell us all about Austin! What Awesome costumer service. We can not wait until we have a chance to work with her again in the near future 😊read more
Tre Green
22:38 10 Jul 19
Michelle Morgan is AMAZING!! She’s so professional, extremely helpful, efficient, caring and with her client til the very end. She has followed up with the office at the apartment and with me to make sure I am well taken care of and if I need any questions answered.read more
Catherina Castro
00:11 06 Jul 19
I tried to find an apartment for several weeks on my own and was totally frustrated by the experience, so as a last attempt to find a place, I booked an appointment with Apartments Now!Nora Roostaie was absolutely amazing at finding me several apartments that I loved and helping me through the decision process. She was prompt with answering any questions that I had and made the process of both finding and renting my current apartment so much easier than I was expecting. Whether it was scheduling last-minute visits to apartments or keeping notes on pricing/preferences/etc., she helped me through all of the finer details of getting an apartment here.100% recommend! Thank you so much Nora!read more
Amber Smoot
20:33 01 Jul 19
Cristina was wonderful to work with! I struggled a lot searching for a 2bed and 2bath within my tight budget, but she went above and beyond in finding something that was top quality while remaining in my price range. She's super sweet and nice, offered to drive us around to view the different properties after we narrowed the list at her office. She even helped me understand the rental process as a first-time renter outside of student living. I cannot recommend her or Apartments Now enough.read more
Chris Dominy
03:38 01 Jul 19
Working with Cristina Arellano was so amazing! My roommate and I have only a month left to find an apartment and stumbled upon this company. We sent a request and got a quick reply with Cristina. She called us and got our budget and apartment requests. She was very helpful and we were able to meet with her the next day. She found us several places that were under our budget in great locations. We looked at multiple locations and applied for leasing that same day. She was mindful of our requests and even followed up to make sure our application process was smooth. Overall, I’m very impressed with this company and their quality of service. Without them, we’d still be stressing over where to live. 10/10 service!read more
Bunmi Akindona
22:41 30 Jun 19
I don't usually write reviews, but I will say none could be more deserving. This was my first time using Apartments Now! and it was the best decision I could've made. I normally do research on my own, but during difficult times, I have not had the time to focus on apartment hunting. Nora Roostaie was our Apartment savior and really put in the effort as if it were for her own apartment. She was kind, patient, knowledgeable, and understanding of the situation we were in. She worked with us through our uncertainties and worked hard to find the perfect place for us. I am very thankful to have worked with this amazing real estate agent. The agent who helped us was Nora@ausapts.com. She's awesome! 🙂read more
kimberly reyes
01:04 26 Jun 19
Michelle Morgan did an amazing job helping us find the perfect apartment for us! I couldn't have imagined a better find. She helped meet all of our needs at a reasonable price.read more
Maria Casarez
18:41 14 Jun 19
Christina Arellano was so helpful. She went above and beyond to make sure we had the best options within our financial capabilities without compromising quality! Looking for an apartment for the first time seemed intimidating but she made the experience feel like a piece of cake. Wish I could rate more than five stars ⭐️read more
Alexis Sandoval
19:18 13 Jun 19
Nora was so helpful, and an absolute joy to have around! She made apartment hunting so much fun, and made every effort to make sure I was more than happy with my final decision. She truly takes time to connect with each of her clients, and does everything in her power to make sure your questions are answered in a very timely manner. She helped me make the best decision for my budget and timeframe, and found me a place that both my pup & I will love together. I have never had such a positive experience with an apartment hunter, and cannot wait to refer other friends over to her when they need to find a place to live! Thank you, Nora! You are truly the best!!read more
Sonia Ali
01:33 05 Jun 19
I was looking for an apartment on my own when I was referred to Michelle at Apartments Now. After telling her what i was looking for she provided me a list that met my requirements allowing me to find my new place with ease. On top of making the search painless she also found me a great deal on price! I went from a 2 bed room to a 3 bedroom in a better area for same price that I was already paying. If you want great customer service and someone that is a pleasure to work with I highly recommend Michelle at Apartments Now!!!read more
23:29 30 May 19
Where do I begin!? An Exceptional and exemplary experience! I had the pleasure of contacting and working closely with Cristina who is a complete Gem! So professional, so polite, and gave me so many options to choose from and narrow down! All of which she did with a beautiful smile and a awesome attitude which made my experience with her such an excellent one! Apartments Now is a great agency and are producing magnificent associates who do nothing but exceed your expectations because she surely exceeded mine! Thank you so much Cristina for your amazing service and assistance!read more
Josh Brown
09:04 23 May 19
We really appreciated the help, speed, and efficiency of Apartments Now! Specifically Nora and Sam. We didn’t have much time to get an apartment, that is, we needed one basically that day since my lease was ending very quickly. They said, “Challenge accepted!” We had one Saturday and a list of three potentials pulled after a brief consult. We traveled to them, and Nora helped all along with great questions and help in the leasing offices. It was pretty crazy, but the apartment they had pegged as most likely to fit our requirements became exactly the one that is now our home.read more
Kasey Gammons
13:46 03 May 19
Monica was a lifesaver! I received an unexpected job offer and had to find something ASAP in south Austin. I've lived in north Austin for years and am not familiar with the area I needed to move to. I had actually just found myself an apartment up north to move to and the process was long and tedious. I definitely did NOT want to go through that again, especially with such a short timeline. I called and gave Monica some of the items on my checklist for a new place and I fully expected to have to give some of those up since beggars can't be choosers. Monica sent me a great list that same afternoon that I was able to narrow down, and she got me more details on my top picks. She was very responsive to my questions and made it SO EASY! I will definitely keep her in mind for my next move. Thank you, Monica!read more
Sonia Quintana
02:59 29 Apr 19
Christina was awesome and efficient. When we met up after discussing my needs over the phone she had already had a few options for me before and during the visiting of prospect communities. Even with my budget, credit, and requests she was able to able to find me something that I would love to come to every night and be satisfied. I’m truly grateful for her patience and optimistic attitude. I strongly recommended Christina to anybody looking for their next home!!read more
Sarah Hopkins
14:09 28 Apr 19
My family and I have to move to Texas (14 hours from home), so we needed a top quality professional to be our eyes when it came to finding an apartment since we would not be able to make a visit ourselves. We certainly found her! Ingrid with Apartments Now has been phenomenal! We can't express our appreciation in words. With my husband's job/career change, a new baby on the way, and a cross country relocation, we were overwhelmed. Ingrid took a HUGE amount of stress off our shoulders by finding the perfect apartment, providing prompt communication, and always being so very patient with our crazy life. She even went on a tour and sent video to us so that we could see what we were getting! We are beyond pleased with her services and overall personality. She is perfect for this job! It brings so much joy to my heart to know that we will have a perfect apartment ready for us to bring our newborn into... all thanks to Ingrid's hard work!read more
allison fatherree
01:25 26 Apr 19
Michelle Morgan helped me find my perfect apartment all in less than a day! She listened to what I wanted in my home and narrowed it down to two places and helped me figure out which one I liked more. She’s awesome and I will be recommending her to anyone I know needing help finding a place in Austin!read more
Megan McCombs
14:43 20 Apr 19
Can’t describe how positive my experience was with Rebecca! I’d been looking at apartments for months and she helped me find one that checked off every box on my list within a few hours. She was super personable and you can tell she really cares about getting you set up with what you actually want. Would 100% recommend working with her. Awesome lady.read more
Matt Reed
18:23 19 Apr 19
Trey was so helpful and patient with me as I tried to navigate leasing in a different state. He thoroughly explained how the rental market works in TX and sent me listings that matched my preference list. We ended up finding a great spot and an amazing price. I highly recommend their services and Trey.read more
Jacqueline Herrera
00:42 18 Apr 19
Cristina is amazing! We only had a short amount of time to visit apartments- we contacted Cristina the day before and she was able to create an itinerary full of properties that fit our needs (and price range!). She spent the whole day with us touring apartments all over Austin and continued calling around to make sure we were seeing the best options. Cristina worked her magic and found us the perfect home!read more
Emily Lavender
15:16 17 Apr 19
I recently moved from LA to the Austin area and let me just say that Yuri is the ABSOLUTE BEST! She made the transition so much easier and took so much worry and stress off my shoulders. I didn’t have the best credit and needed something immediately but she managed to find me a gorgeous apartment the very same day!! Not only did she find me a home but she found me a place I never thought I’d be able to qualify for due to my situation. My daughter and I are thrilled and we are sending my family to see her soon! I will recommend her to everyone! She truly cares about her clients and that is hard to find these days. Thank you Yuri!read more
Gaby Garcia
22:15 14 Apr 19
Nora did any amazing job! I walked in one Saturday morning with no appointment and she took the time to listen to all my requirements to handle my Dad’s large dogs to find just the right apartment complex. She was available anytime I had a question and her communication was on point! I didn’t think anyone was as into details as much as I am! Lease was signed at one of the few places she could find to take large dogs. Great experience. Thanks Nora!read more
Trevor Barnhart
13:04 29 Mar 19
Excellent service!My agent Rebecca was wonderful. She was able to meet with me with short notice. She promised she would have listings for me and she did. She took us to tour the apartments. She was very nice and helpful. I appreciated her opinion on the the apartments we looked at. I would recommend their services anytime.read more
Trakia Allen
22:46 22 Mar 19
Monica went above and beyond in finding me exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of restrictions based on my pet situation. Even with that huge roadblock she was still able to find me a list of places that fit all my needs, wants, and even more. She does all the work for you and can even drive you the properties you are interested in. She has an answer for any question or concern, and has a resolution to any issue that you will encounter in the searching process. She even got me a special I didn’t even know about, which saved me money. All in all it was a great experience which only took one day to complete. I was just approved today for my new apartment, thanks to all of Monica’s help!read more
Patrick Lourde
07:39 16 Mar 19
When I moved into town I did not account for the epic struggle that would ensue from trying to find a place with in my budget. This guy Chris was on it! He was knowledgeable and listen to what I was looking for, not trying to push anything that fit into my criteria. Thanks Chris, love the new place.read more
Meathooks McGee
22:59 13 Mar 19
My sister and I came in Last minute on a Saturday morning not knowing where to begin to look for a new apartment. NORA was so patient with us, she listened and answered all of our questions, and helped narrow down our options. She was also so sweet and you can truly tell she cares about her clients. She is Absolutely AMAZING at her job and I will Recommend her to anyone out there searching for a new place to live! Thank You again Nora for all your help girl !! 🙂read more
Clarissa Vasquez
20:28 04 Mar 19
Cristina is amazing! My Girlfriend and I went to her last year and she helped us find a place that my girlfriend was happy with at the time. Since our lease is ending we needed to find a new place to move in to. We didnt have much time but we went to visit her again because we trust her and she found us a place that my girlfriend was extremely happy with. She's very attentive and she always wants her clients to be very happy with where they want to live. We highly recommend going to Cristina for your apartment needs! She's amazing at her job and we will always go to her when we are ready to move again!read more
17:02 22 Feb 19
I was trying to find an apartment while I was out of town and I couldn't find one but luckily Chris contacted me and found me a number of places, and got back to me within an hour. He has been very helpful from the start, and very understanding. I highly recommend him and his services to everyone!read more
miah hook
22:36 18 Feb 19
Christina was amazing AGAIN! We went looking on a really short timeline bout this time last year and she found us a place very quickly! Almost within the day I contacted her! Now we were ready for something different as our living dynamics changed and she went out and found another great apartment for me and my partner:) even better than the last It has everything!She’s fast. Shes awesome and I’d totally chose her again any time I need to find another apartment!read more
Sarah Abramat
19:10 14 Feb 19
Cristina Arellano helped me find the most amazing apartment in Austin for an amazing price! My sister, who Cristina also helped find an apartment, highly recommended her so I didn't hesitate to reach out to her. She searched apartments for me as soon as we got off the phone based on the criteria I provided her with. She sent me apartment suggestions and stayed in touch with me on a regular basis until the day I arrived to Austin from Columbia, South Carolina. The day I arrived, Cristina drove me to the apartments I had selected and showed me different areas of Austin so that I could familiarize myself with the city, which was very helpful as I had only visited Austin only once before moving here. I cannot say enough good things about Cristina and the amazing service she provided for me! Inter state moves can be time consuming and stressful and Cristina did an amazing job helping me with the apartment search, the hardest part in my opinion. A friend of mine will be moving from Washington DC to Austin in the summer so I will definitely link her up with Cristina. She's very nice and works very hard to help you find what you need. Very happy client!read more
Mariela Randall
17:25 29 Jan 19
I worked with Nora Roostaie about 2 weeks ago and she found me a wonderful apartment for immediate move in. She was very professional and was sure to find exactly what I wanted. She found a place within my price point, that was pet friendly, top floor, and in a safe neighborhood. I highly recommend her for anybody looking for specific things in a new home. I've moved in and love my new home as does my pet. Thank you, Nora!read more
Tabs Tabs
18:59 08 Jan 19
My husband and I moved to Austin in October and had the pleasure of working with Ingrid, who was SUPER helpful and kind! Before stopping by Apartments Now, we'd spent hours cluelessly sifting through available apartments. Ingrid helped us narrow down the list to 5 awesome places after just 5 minutes of talking to us about what we were looking for. She went with us to check out the apartments, and was super patient while we did the tours. In the end, she helped us secure a place that we really love and we've been at for 2 months now! I 100% recommend Apartments Now!read more
Tumisang Madigele
04:08 03 Jan 19
For those interested in leasing a place in the greater Austin area, this is the place to go for help. Nora was my agent and I loved her professionalism and personality. She is respectful, caring, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend using Apartments Now and Nora for finding a place to live. Furthermore, their is of no cost to you because they get paid by the apartment complex that you sign the lease with....awesome!read more
Mikel Harsch
20:16 29 Dec 18
Sam went above and beyond with service, respect and he got us the Aprtment of our dreams and made sure he listened to what we wanted and needed and took us to two places that were perfect we were able to get approved with his help and just a few days were on the place. And followed up even after moved. He’s like a family member now. We Love Sam and apartments now. When you go here. I’m sure everyone is equally the best. But I’d ask for Sam.read more
Jason Roos
13:39 19 Dec 18
Steven Young was amazing, and helped find us an apartment. We gave him a 2 week window for us for move in and our price range and he was still able to find us an amazing apartment. This was completely free to us and helped us save tons for time.read more
Alek Hand
01:41 18 Dec 18
I met Tom Harrell when I moved from out of state to Austin a few years ago. I've never heard of apartment locators before and was pleasantly surprised as to their service. Tom was my agent and he was absolutely fantastic. When I unexpectedly had to move again, I remembered Tom and reached out to him immediately. He responded to me via email as well as phone in a timely manner, which is a great sign to his great customer service. We met in the office and he already had numerous options that met what I was looking for. We toured several apartments and he provided a friendly ear when I was indecisive as to what would be the best option. When I decided on a place, he followed up with me as well as the apartment complex to ensure for a smooth process. I signed my new lease this past week and it's all thanks to Tom! He did it again and found me EXACTLY what I was looking for. He is friendly, responsive, and very understanding of my needs and time frame. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an real estate agent to contact him immediately. He's the best!read more
Dira M
18:55 15 Dec 18
I want to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU TO NADIA TALAVERA, for being the BEST realtor around!! She went out of her way to find me a beautiful, 1/1 that had nearly 950 sq ft, a yard for my beloved doggie, w/d, all freshly updated with new floors and carpet, bay window, pretty view looking out into the courtyard, very safe, right by the dog park, apartment home that fit into my budget!! Nadia worked very hard to find me the perfect home😀😀. Because of my schedule I had cancelled several viewings and all of a sudden I was 2 weeks from having to move! Nadia never gave up on me. She stayed in touch weekly with new listings. Finally, i had the time to look, and we met up to view some apartments. I told her exactly what I needed that would fit my budget and my needs. She found exactly what I wanted, and I was able to move on time😀😀. I would highly recommend Nadia to anyone who is looking to buy or rent a home. Nadia was professional, kind, understanding....and the list goes o