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Living in a small apartment can come with a few challenges, and keeping things clean and organized is one of them. Small apartments seem to collect clutter and dirt faster than anything else and before you know it, you need a full day just to get things back to normal. Well we know this feeling all too well and are here to help. Check out these three tips that will help you keep your apartment clean all week long.

Save The Date – Create a schedule on a large wall calendar that you can see everyday for the bigger cleaning jobs, such as the bathroom and fridge. Spending an extra fifteen minutes once or twice a week to get to the cleaning that requires more time, will help prevent the long term messes. – Paper Source Brush Script Calendar – $18.87. 








Be Prepared – Keep your cleaning supplies at home stocked at all times. When doing your weekly shopping, make it a habit to go down the cleaning supplies aisle. It’s much easier to keep your apartment clean when you have what you need to clean with. Next step is to keep it organized in one spot at home where you can always find it. – Rubbermaid Commercial Deluxe Carry Caddy – $13.58








Fifteen Minutes A Day – At whatever time works best for you, give yourself 15 minutes each day to straighten up your apartment before doing anything else. Declutter the living room, sweep or vacuum the floor, empty the dishwasher, make your bed etc. A quick pick me up at the start or end of the day will do wonders for your home. – Check out this article on How To Get Motivated To Clean.








We hope you found these tips helpful to keeping your apartment clean and organized. Apartments Now specializes in helping individuals in Austin find apartments within their wants, needs and budget. If you or someone you know is looking for an apartment to call home, call 512 258 8224 today! Our locating service is free and are experienced apartment locators are happy to help!