Decor blogpost 10.06

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are anything like us, finding time on a full schedule to purchase and decorate your place to make it look as “Halloween” as possible, might be far down on your list of to-dos. Well don’t worry, we got you covered, and the best thing about these options is that they are available at every grocery store and can be used all season long! Not just for the month of October.

Candles – These are on the top of our list. You can get them in many sizes and colors, and they come with a lid for when they are not lit. The best part though is the variety of scents that remind us of the season! Autumn Morning and Pumpkin Spice are our favorite!

Flowers – You can use flowers all season long and in any amount of arrangements and colors. We love orange, yellow and red to match the season. Fresh flowers can also add a little life into your home, and are a quick and beautiful reminder that Fall is here. As the weather gets colder, try using fake flowers to give the same effect.

Lights – A few boxes of stringed lights are a lovely way to light up your home, front door, porch, or patio. You can find these in different colors, and with different designs over the bulbs. They are cost effective and can make the season come alive in your home. Try it, you just might like it!

If you love these ideas and are looking for an apartment of your own to try them out in, give us a call at 512 258 8224. We would love to help get you set up just in time for the holidays! Best of all our help is at no cost to you. Call us today!