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Did you know, that the colors you choose for decorating your apartment can change the way you feel when you are home? Even if the apartment is small or has poor lighting? In the article below we talk about three color choices for your bathroom that can give a small, dark space the illusion of being bigger and brighter.


White accessories – This might seem like an obvious color choice to get your place looking brighter, crisper and cleaner. Surprisingly though, many people go with darker colors such as brown, black, and green when it comes to shower curtains, soap dispensers, trash bins etc. Try going with lighter colors such as white, light grey or light beige and see how it transforms things.

Sky blue accent wall – An accent wall in a small bathroom can give the appearance that the bathroom is larger than it really is. Make that accent wall a pale blue and you now have a bathroom that not only looks larger but sunny as well. Disclaimer: Make sure you double check with your apartment office before painting any of the walls.

Blush and gold combo – The color combination of blush and gold can give a calming effect and make a bathroom look more open and spacious. If you have a small window in your bathroom, the light coming in will hit these colors just right. Happy decorating.

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