Texas A&M at San Antonio has started a new program to offer
veterans enrolled at the school iPads for rent for free.  The program is
designed to help veterans access ebooks for class for free and to help
veterans who may be injured by allowing them to use the lightweight iPad
rather than lugging around heavy books, My San Antonio.com reports.

University announced the program on Tuesday, which allows current
service members, veterans and their family members to rent free Apple
iPad 2’s from the school beginning this fall.  To be eligible, they have
to be enrolled full time and meet certain GPA requirements.

are 250 iPads available for distribution to service members.  Texas
A&M-S.A.’s manager of military relations says its similar to a paid
rental system that is in use at the School of Business.  The iPad is
easy for veterans because it is a touch screen, small and will be easily
operated by those who are injured.

Army Sgt. David Guillen, who
will be studying business at the university beginning this fall, says he
looks forward to using the program.  He currently drops his books off
at his car between classes because a back injury sustained in Iraq keeps
him from being able to carry around heavy college textbooks.  He
couldn’t afford the iPad rental fees without the program.

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