Small Apartments
need not feel cramped.  In fact, there are a lot of surprising silver
linings to living in a petite place.  It’s all in how you look at your
situation (AND live in your situation)!  Apartment Therapy has some surprising benefits of living small to help you embrace your tiny home.
The biggest benefit may be that you have less to clean!  Of course, you
absolutely have to keep your place neat as a pin, because not only do
you not have less places to stash the mess, but you also often can see
the cluttered area no matter where you are in your apartment.  Along
with that, storage is at a premium, and so looking for unconventional
solutions such as under the bed bins and shelving on the wall is a must.
You also really have to be clever when decorating a smaller space. 
Every decision from furniture to layout is much more important when you
are placing it in a diminutive area.  Along with that, you don’t have
room for as many possessions, so you must be relentless when thinking
about what to keep and what to toss.  This means that you must shop
carefully and be sure everything you do choose to bring into and keep in
your home has real value to you personally.  Also, make sure the
belongings you have are organized and have their own designated spots to
keep your home from looking like a pack rat’s den. Follow these tips and more at Apartment Therapy and you’ll find yourself loving, rather than loathing, your wee abode!