Salary Needed to Afford a House in Austin

How much do you need to make to afford a house in Austin?  Culturemap Austin has the answer.

HSH.com’s report analyzed what annual salary is necessary to pay for principal, interest, taxes and insurance on a median-priced home in the most populated cities across the country and Austin came in at the 13th spot for the nation.  It was number one in the state.

To afford a $308,000 home, the median price for Austin, Austinities have to make $69,952.75 annually.  That’s with putting down 20 percent.  If a homebuyer puts down just 10 percent, they would have to make $80,004.77.  Across the US, people have to make $56,159.89 to pay for the median priced home, which costs $255,600.

As home prices increased, that required salary increased by $3,008.69 from the first three months of 2017 for Austin.  

In Dallas, you’ll need to earn $61,039.97 per year to afford a median priced home, which put it at the number 18 spot nationally.  Houstonians need to make $57,346.12, putting the city at number 22 on the list.

Not surprisingly, California is where you have to make the most to afford a house.  San Jose is the most expensive in the country with a worker needing to make $221,363.63 to afford a $1.18 million home, the median home price there.  San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles take the 2nd through 4th spots.

Your dollar goes a lot farther in San Antonio, which nabbed a spot on the list of 25 least expensive cities.  You have to make $53,829.14 to pay for a $222,600 median priced house.

Pittsburgh was the most affordable city in the country, with a median priced home going for $145,000, which requires a $35,329.29 income.

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