Reducing noise levels in your apartment can be a must for any renter,
especially if you have noisy neighbors, thin walls, hardwood or tile
floors, or any/all of the above!  Wikihow.com has some helpful tips on drowning out the noise of your fellow apartment-dwellers.

first line of defense against excess noise is carpeting and rugs, which
are excellent at absorbing sound.  If you have hardwood or tile floors,
which tend to cause sound to echo, use area and throw rugs to dampen
the sound, the heavier and larger the better!

If the noise is
coming from your neighbors on either side, rather than above or below,
curtains, tapestries or other fabric wall-hangings can cut down on the
bleed through to your unit.  Fabric helps to cut down on noise wherever
you put it, such as on a wall, over the window (to reduce the amount of
exterior noise) or used as a room divider.  There are also soundproofing
wall-hangings, ceiling panels and room dividers which go even a step
further in keeping loud noises from reaching your ears.

Are you
being a good neighbor?  There are many ways you can reduce the amount of
noise you generate, which hopefully will inspire your neighbors to do
the same.  Make sure your stereo and tv are away from shared walls and
keep them at a conservative volume, especially late at night.  Wait
until the daylight hours to vaccuum or rearrange your furniture and
don’t wear your high heeled or hard-soled shoes around your apartment if
you have hard surface floors.  Finally, use rugs in the places where
things like shoes or kitchen silverware are likely to fall or be dropped
and place felt pads under chair and table legs so that they don’t
noisily scrape across the floor.

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