Parking Meters on South Congress could become a reality, if the plan put forth by Councilmember Chris Riley is accepted.  The Statesman
reports that Riley proposed putting meters in the area to try and
appease both neighbors and South Congress Avenue merchants who have been
engaged in a dispute over parking for over a year. Under
Riley’s proposal, which he emphasized was just “a basis for continued
conversation”, parking meters would be installed on South Congress and
the streets that intersect it.  There would be some sort of parking
permit system for residents and South Congress employees on the streets
that run parallel to South Congress.  The meters would be installed on
South Congress from the Texas School for the Deaf to Live Oak street and
also on the east-west streets for a couple of blocks to either side. 
If the plan were to pass, it would be the first wave of paid parking
beyond downtown and UT.  Other potential districts that have been
proposed are Rainey Street, West Campus, parts of East Austin and the
north UT area.  Neighborhoods would have to apply for the meters to have
them installed.  Bouldin Creek residents don’t seem to be
enthusiastic about meters, either on South Congress or on other area
streets.  In a recent survey, the majority of residents asked were
against meters in both places.  Merchants aren’t happy with the proposal
either, and are upset about the falling through of an earlier agreement
which divided parking off South Congress about equally between free
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