Mother’s Day gifts that are personalized for your Mom are the ones she’ll remember.  My San Antonio.com has some great ideas for getting Mom a gift that will stand out from the pack.
Rather than buying a card, get out the art supplies and have the kids
MAKE a card for mom.  You can purchase scissors that will cut
embellished edges at the craft store.  Add a poem that express your
feelings for Mom and you’re done!  As far as a gift, if you’re short on
cash, you can offer to do Mom’s chores for her.  Go to those art
supplies again and do something unusual like a “Helpful Zoo” made of
animal shapes on paper with chores on them or trace flower cookie
cutters for a chore bouquet.  Then Mom can redeem them anytime she needs
some help. Know what stores Mom likes to shop at, but not
exactly what she wants?  Fancy up a plain old gift card by presenting it
in a thoughtful way.  Wrap a spa gift certificate in a colorful towel
or turban from the dollar store (or for a fancier touch, use a
terrycloth bathrobe), put it in a pretty linen napkin or scarf, or put
an iTunes gift card in a CD case with your art as the cover.
Want to surprise Mom in a big way?  Get her an IPad, Kindle or Nook and
have it engraved.  Then put books she would like to read on it along
with homemade coupons giving her free time to enjoy those books. You can
also make a personalized IPhone case out of your photos at Casetagram.  
Of course, you can’t go wrong with flowers or chocolates, but to really
make them special, make sure you buy Mom’s favorite flowers rather than
the first bouquet you come across at the grocery store.  Want to give a
sweet gift?  Make a candy wrapper for Mom’s favorite candy bar that is
also her Mother’s Day Card.  Or attach pre-wrapped chocolates or
truffles to straws or skewers using tissue paper or tulle netting, and
stick them in a flower bouquet or potted plant.  If Mom likes coffee,
you can dip plastic spoons in gourmet chocolate so mom can use them as
delicious coffee stirrers. Still living with Mom?  Give her the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift and call Apartments Now San Antonio today to find the perfect apartment for you and move out!