When hiring movers there are certain mistakes that a rookie can make
that will wind up causing you headaches, not to mention money, in the
long run.  About.com tells you what those mistakes are and how to avoid making them.
Your first mistake would be to only get a quote from one moving
company.  You should get quotes from at least three, and preferably
five, movers.  You can then research the movers and find out if their
customers were happy with them or not.  Another mistake would be
allowing movers to give you a quote without visiting your apartment
You should always have potential movers visit your home so they can see
exactly what they are moving to give you a more accurate estimate.  You
should also create a household inventory list so the movers will have
the exact list of what they are moving. Choosing your moving
company solely on the basis of them having the lowest quote?  Another
rookie mistake!  Sometimes the lowest is not always the best.  You
especially should be wary if the potential mover has a much lower quote
than the other movers.  That could be a sign they’re trying to lure you
in with great specials, and then take advantage of you. It’s also
important that you ask the right questions of your movers.  Here is a list if you’re at a loss of what to ask. 
Finally, be sure you know exactly what is in included in the price, and
what are extra things you might be charged for, such as stairs, not
having a parking space directly in front of your unit, or if the company
has to repack improperly packed items.  That’s it, now get out there
and find someone to help you make your move as smooth as possible!