Flying the American Flag properly is an important lesson to learn, especially today when we celebrate our independence.  Apartment Therapy.com reads the U.S. Flag Code and imparts the important stuff to us. 

flag code was drafted in 1942 by President Roosevelt as a set of rules
for civilians to to use when displaying the American Flag.  Not
following the code has no legal repercussions, but it is encouraged so
that the flag is shown the respect it is due.

A United States flag
is required to have 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes and
fifty stars representing all fifty states.  To raise the flag, you
should do it quickly and when you are lowering the flag, it should be
done slowly and ceremoniously.  The flag should be saluted at both
times.  A flag should only be flown during daylight hours, unless it is

If a flag is hung from the window or balcony of your apartment,
or a building, the union, (the blue square with the stars), should be
at the top of the flag staff unless the flag is at half-staff.  When
hanging the flag over a street, it should be hung vertically with the
union facing north or east.  The flag should not be displayed in rain or
snow unless it is an all-weather flag.

When the flag is no
longer fit to be displayed, it should be discarded in a respectful way,
preferably by burning.  There are many more guidelines for making sure
our flag is shown the proper respect, be sure to read them all at Apartment Therapy.