AN_Rainey street blogspot

Austin is continuing to grow! Everywhere you turn we have new hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers going up and apartment buildings are no exception. Just last year it was reported that about 110 people are moving to Austin a day!  

With the supply of newcomers comes the demand of new places to live! Rainy street, is considered an “historical” part of Austin, with buildings and homes that were built before 1934. It is located near Ladybird Lake and Interstate 35 and it is definitely one of the hot spots for development this year and into 2016.

Here is a peak into some of the new apartment complexes going up:

The Millemmium Rainey – Under construction and set to be done late 2015, housing 326 apartments, and a ground floor restaurant, totaling 250,000 square feet. http://www.downtownaustin.com/downtown-projects/millennium-rainey  

48 East – Planning is still in the works and construction is due to start mid 2016. There will be total of 35 floors, located around the corner from SkyHouse Austin and in the Rainey street district. http://www.downtownaustin.com/downtown-projects/48-east

If you’re a newcomer to Austin looking for a home in the centrally located and historic Rainey Street, or if you’re simply looking for a new place to call home give us a call at 512 258 8224, and we’ll get you set up free of charge!