02.09 Bathroom organization BP

The bathroom storage problem is a common one, and often leads to cluttered space that becomes disorganized fast. If you live in an apartment, chances are you understand exactly what we mean, and the solutions are not always obvious. Below we show you some easy solutions for adding storage in ways that don’t look crowded and over cluttered. Happy organizing!


  1. Add towel bars to the back of your bathroom door to prevent towels from stacking up
  2. Use an above-the faucet shelf to add extra space to your counter-top
  3. Attach mini shelves to your bathroom wall to hold extras
  4. Place a flatware tray inside your bathroom drawer to keep toothbrushes organized
  5. Add shelves above your bathroom door or toilet for extra space

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Learn how to create your own mason jar shelf for your bathroom here

We hope you found these tips useful in creating extra space in a small bathroom. If you or someone you know is looking for an apartment to call home, Apartments Now would love to help! We have been leading the way in apartment locating in Austin for almost 20 years. Our seasoned apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and our locating service is free of charge! Call 512 258 8224 today!