Apartments Now CardDecorating your Apartment can feel daunting, especially since most landlords won’t allow you to paint the walls or make other major changes.  But Better Homes and Gardens.com has a list of 19 innovative ideas that will help you make your new apartment truly your space.
Choose lightweight furniture to maintain a sense of openness in your
cozy nest.  For example, a small-scale, armless sofa will leave lots of
space to move around in your living room, especially if you let it float
in the middle of the room, anchored by a rug.  An advantage apartments
often have is lots of wall space.  Transform a pair of bookshelves into
an attractive storage wall by placing them side by side and covering
them with curtains that match or complement your window treatments.  If
you want to make the room seem taller, hang curtains in rich, textured
fabrics from the ceiling instead of the top of the bookshelf.
Kitchens can often be small in apartments, but make the most of yours
with these space-saving secrets.  Use a magnetic strip to hang your
knives on the wall, hooks close to the ceiling to organize pots and
pans, and line rarely used kitchen appliances or pots on top of the
cabinets.  With these tips and more from BHG.com, you’ll be feeling
right at home in your new place in no time!