Decorating Kids’ rooms so you don’t have to change them as soon as your kids’ tastes change will save you a lot of time and money.  Statesman.com has six do-it-yourself projects from “Sell this House” Designer Roger Hazard to help you get more bang for your buck.

A headboard wrapped in fabric can take a plain bed frame from blah to
spectacular.  This is a project you can easily do yourself by visiting
the local fabric or craft store to choose from a plethora of
child-friendly prints and colors.  Simply wrap the headboard and then
use upholstery staples to secure the fabric on the back.  If you don’t
have a headboard, you can use a piece of fabric-covered plywood secured
to the wall behind the bed.  As your child grows, you can change out the
fabric to something more sophisticated.

Have a beat-up dresser
that needs some pizazz?  Have a budding Picasso who loves to draw? 
Combine the two by painting a thrift-store find in chalkboard paint. 
You can even label each drawer which pictures or words depending on
their age so the child quickly knows what is in it.  Give your child a
piece of chalk and their imagination can do the rest!

You can also
cheaply and quickly create art for your kid’s room by taking photos of
their favorite toys and framing them.  Another flexible way to display
art is to use art shelves, or ledges.  This allows you to easily switch
out art as your child’s tastes change.

Looking for a rug that will
stand up to children and their mess?  Carpet tiles such as Flor can be
taken out individually and stains can be washed off and then the tile
replaced.  Finally, creating a custom storage unit will provide a place
to stash all those toys now and can easily become storage for books,
cds, dvd’s and electronics later.  Look for items like IKEA’s Besta line
which has doors that can be swapped out so you can choose bright colors
for the early years and trade them out for more sophisticated rooms

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