CPS Energy projects customers will see lower bills this summer, My San Antonio.com
reports.  The utility said that customers can look forward to bills
that are approximately $22 a month lower this summer than last year.

made this prediction based on the fact that June, July and August 2012
are projected to have more regular temperatures, causing CPS to state
that the average residential use of 1,500 killowatt-hours a month will
cost $148.  June-August 2011, average use was over 1,700 kilowatt-hours
which cost an average of $170 per month.

The company used a
computer program to compute predictions for this summer’s temperatures
based on the average temperatures for the last 15 years.  Using this
program, they discovered that this summer won’t be as hot as last year. 
They are also offering customers a chance to further lower their bills
by providing 24,000 free home energy management systems to
utility-users.  The systems could help customers lower their energy
usage by as much as 10 percent.  To use the Consert Inc. system, you
must have internet access and a house with electrical wiring up to
current code.

The special meter is hooked into the home’s air
conditioner, water heater and pool pump, if applicable.  The customer
can control the units through a website and set the individual
components to go off when they aren’t home and to come back on when they
are about to return.  In this way, they can reduce electricity usage
when it’s not needed.

During peak energy usage, CPS may use the
energy management system to remotely adjust a heater or air conditioner
for a short amount of time to prevent brownouts.

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