Congress Avenue

Congress Avenue could be getting a makeover soon, the Austin Monitor reports.  

The city wants to redesign Congress Avenue between the Capitol and Riverside Drive.  The project already has the necessary funds for designing the project thanks to a mobility bond Austinites approved almost five years ago, however construction would most likely need another bond to be passed.  Austin and the nonprofit Downtown Austin Alliance are working together to put together the plan.

Another goal for the plan is to improve access for mobility impaired Austinites and visitors.  Currently Congress Avenue doesn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has lots of trip hazards, non-compliant ramps, and more that make it difficult for people to get around.  

If you have an opinion on what should be done, you can give the city your feedback through an online survey and there will also be a public meeting in May.  The final report is to be released next year.

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