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If you are planning on hosting a party to celebrate the New Year, we know that the idea of spending more money after all the holiday shopping you’ve already done, can seem pretty overwhelming. This is why we’ve picked out four budget friendly options to get your apartment looking party ready, and Pinterest worthy, come the 31st. Happy decorating!


4c9f5b99e72231d1887cd25d5789e3efLights – You can get your place looking great for a party in no time just by setting the mood with the right lighting. Grab a few boxes of Christmas tree lights, or use the ones you already have in your home from your holiday decorating. String them around your ceiling, hang them on your walls, place them behind your couch, or in the corner of your living room, and watch how they transform the whole room!




bfb18d9012b7e8db99ef2993f7316092White Candles – Stop by your local Dollar Store or Walmart and grab a dozen white candles of different shapes and sizes, set them up strategically between the snacks, on the shelves in your living room, or in the corners of your kitchen. White, or colored, candles will instantly class up the place. If you are concerned about safety, you can also buy electric candles at Walmart for relatively cheap prices as an alternative to the real thing.




1cb4162f180b188b747fc2e8644784f5Balloons – This idea is too easy not to try! Grab a couple bags of balloons that go with the color theme of your party, stop by your local grocery store and get them filled with helium. Now, attach a ribbon to each balloon (use the same color as the balloons to color code) and tie or hang them up in different places around the house.





3eb8a8ec1102944b0549abfc74516b27Christmas Tree baubles – Use the baubles from your holiday decorating, or pick up a few boxes at any home goods store, to transform your living space into a party ready atmosphere. You can always find baubles for very affordable prices after the holidays, so you won’t have to break the bank to decorate. Now fill up any clear glass bowls, jars, or vases at home with the baubles to add easy color and holiday cheer to your party.




We hope you found this article helpful in getting your apartment set up for New Years! If you or anyone you know is looking for an apartment to call home, Apartments Now would love to help. We have been leading the way in apartment locating in Austin for almost 20 years, and we answer phones 7 days a week. So, give us a call today at 512 258 8224.