Austinites Living with Roommates

As rents continue to rise in Austin and elsewhere, the share of adult Austin residents with roommates is at an all-time high, Austin Culturemap reports.

Austin’s median rent of $1,690 is the highest in Texas and contributed to the fact that the percentage of adults living together has increased to 30.4 percent from 23 percent in 2000.

San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas Fort-Worth all saw a similar increase in the number of adults living together.

Texas’ number of adults living together mirrors in the country as a whole, where 30 percent of adults live together, an increase from 22 percent in 2000. Across the country, renters are likely to spend 28.8 percent of their monthly income on rent, which translates to $1,432.

Los Angeles and Miami have the highest percentage of roommates, 45.5 percent and 41 percent respectively, and they also have some of the highest rents in the US.

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