Austin housing market


Around the country, the number of homes for sale is down from this time last year, except in Texas where there are more houses on the market than there were a year ago, Culturemap reports.  

According to Zillow, in the US as a whole, there’s 3 percent less inventory and home prices have increased 6.9 percent over this time last year.  In fact, home values hit their highest point since June 2007.  

Austin had the biggest increase in inventory, with 24 percent more homes for sale now than a year ago.  Home prices track pretty closely to those nationally, 7 percent.  San Antonio’s housing prices went up 6 percent and their inventory is up 16.4 percent.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area saw their inventory increase by 4.1 percent and prices go up 11.1 percent, which is the third highest increase in the nation, behind Seattle, Washington and Tampa, Florida.

Houston has 3.1 percent more homes on the market and the price has increased just 4.5 percent.

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