Alcohol at the Alamo has been banned for years by the Daughters of
the Republic of Texas, the caretakers of the Alamo.  But many veterans
are saying that toasting with apple cider, as the DRT suggests they do,
is insulting to men who have served our country and want to raise a
glass to their fallen comrades, My San Antonio.com reports.

controversy is centered around after-hours events that are hosted at
the Alamo in the Alamo Hall, built in 1922 at the back of the complex
and well outside the ground where men on both sides died in the battle
for Texas’ Independence.  The Land Office is in charge of re-writing
rules on serving beer, wine and liquor starting in August.

Commissioner and retired Marine Jerry Patterson is of the opinion that
moderate drinking will not tarnish the Alamo.  But the Daughters of the
Republic of Texas, who are in charge of the site for the Land Office, is
against alcohol being served by caterers.  They believe that toasts
anywhere on the grounds is disrespectful to the “solemn decorum” of the

Both active duty and retired military have different
opinions on the issue.  Some think that it is important to respect the
DRT’s view because they have been “longtime caretakers of Texas history”
and that the ban keeps the Alamo a reverent place.  Others think that
many veterans who toast their friends with real alcohol have the right
do so and that there is nothing wrong with serving alcohol in a
controlled setting.

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