Summer Living comes with its own host of challenges, and Apartment Therapy.com has some great tips for 5 things you probably have lying around your apartment right now that can make your summer a lot less challenging.

bringing the sand from the beach home with you after a day at the
ocean?  Before you get in your car, put a dash of baby powder on your
sandy bits, then brush the powder and sand off with your hands, a
shaving brush or a makeup brush.

Tired of being food for those
pesky mosquitoes?  Try a fan!  Apparently the wind not only keeps
mosquitoes from being able to land on you, it blows away the carbon
dioxide you exhale, which is a major attractor of the nasty creatures. 
Also, a fan will cool you down and prevents the sweat and body heat that
those little bloodsuckers love.

Accidentally drop your phone or
IPod in some water?  Try removing the battery and then placing your
object in a container with uncooked rice to absorb the moisture.  If
sand gets into your phone, use a bulb syringe to blow any sand particles
out of the cracks.  Never use compressed air, as that can damage the
inside of your device.

Ever buy berries and be frustrated that
they turn moldy or soggy before you can eat them?  The solution is to
mix one part vinegar and ten parts water and put the berries into it as
soon as you get home from the store.  Drain and rinse (rinsing is not
completely necessary as you won’t be able to taste the vinegar), and put
the fruit in the fridge.  The vinegar kills mold spores and other
bacteria that might be hiding on your berries.

Lastly, you can use
a little toothpaste on the inside of your goggle lenses to keep them
from fogging up when you’re taking a dip!