02.03 AP Kitchen organizationLiving in an apartment with a small kitchen can be a blessing in disguise. You now have the option to buy only what you need and deem essential, which in the long term will save you time and money. But what about those days when you wish you had a little more space? When papers are stacking up and the top of the fridge is overflowing? Below we discuss five must-haves that will help keep your small kitchen organized.


  1. Hang a metal wall organizer for mail on your dining room wall Galvanized Ashton Single Wall Basket – $19.99  
  2. Attach sticky hooks under a cupboard to hang mugs up and free up cupboard space Utility Hooks – $2.99 each
  3. Hang a small shoe organizer in the inside of your cupboard door Clear Vinyl 12 Pocket Shoe Caddy With Hanger – $10.50
  4. Attach a small dish rack to the wall to free up counter space Grundtal Dish Drainer Stainless Steel – $26.99
  5. Add small baskets to the top of the fridge for extra storage Wicker Folio Bin – $16.99


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We hope you found these tips useful to keeping your small kitchen organized! If you or someone you know is looking for an apartment to call home, Apartments Now would love to help. We have been leading the way in apartment locating in Austin for almost 20 years. Our seasoned apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and our locating service is free of charge. Call 512 258 8224 today!