03.23 Natural Light blogpostNatural light is calming and makes a small space feel more open and inviting. Unfortunately natural light is not always in abundance if you are renting a small or older apartment unit. We are here with the good news that you can give your apartment the appearance of having more natural light than it does by using these three tricks! 



  1. Mirrors: Galeton Full Length Stand Mirror – $85.99                                                                                           This is a great way to give the illusion of more light, by adding a mirror across from or next to a window, you  can amplify the light coming in the window.
  2. Shiny Accent Pieces: Mini Crystal Chandelier – $82.99                                                                                 Hanging a crystal chandelier in your living room, adding a marble cutting board to your counter top, or a shiny  tiled back-splash in your kitchen are all ways you can add reflective decor to your apartment that will magnify  the natural light you do have.
  3. Sheer Curtains: Textured Chiffon Single Curtain – $27.99                                                                             Curtains can give you an extra level of privacy and are great for bringing the room together. By choosing sheer curtains, you can help give the light coming in a softer look that will help illuminate the room in a subtle way.

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We hope you found these tips helpful for getting the most out of the natural light in your apartment. At Apartments Now we help individuals in Austin find apartment’s to call home that meet their wants, needs and budget. Our experienced and friendly apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and our locating service is free of charge, give us a call at 512 258 8224.